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Applications are indispensable solutions for the challenges companies face. They make efficient, digital working possible - regardless of the respective industry and area of business. You can also use applications to digitalize and optimize your business processes. No matter whether you want to create leave requests, manage documents, account for travel expenses or communicate news - applications have long been essential for such tasks.

With Intrexx, you have the perfect tool at your fingertips for creating individual business applications of any size quickly and easily.

As easy as one-two-three

Step 1

Identify the application requirements

Which goals are you pursing with your application? And how should the application be structured to achieve these goals? Before you start, clarify which requirements the business application should meet.
Step 2

Create your application quickly and easily

The low-code development platform, Intrexx, allows you to develop applications in a graphical user interface with almost know programming knowledge. By using ready-made elements, you can create high-performance applications and forms in record time via drag & drop. Furthermore, the included templates can be customized to your needs in no time.
Step 3

Publish your application and use it immediately

You define who has read and write access to your new application. Publish your application and take your digital working to the next level!

This video shows you how easy it really is

We are happy to help

Would you like to use complex and demanding business applications but do not have the resources to develop them yourself? No problem! Our experts support you with their many years of experience, their time and their expertise to help you create applications that are perfectly tailored to your own individual needs. Contact our Consulting Team today.

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