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Upgrade to Intrexx Version 19.03

Update your Intrexx to the latest version, 19.03.
Its new features will simplify your everyday working.

The most important new features of Intrexx Version 19.03 at a glance:

  • Multi-tenancy capability

    Intrexx's new multi-tenancy concept provides your developers, and therefore your entire company, with a secure solution for developing portals with multiple clients, thanks to standardized default settings.

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  • Horizontal scaling

    Intrexx 19.03 is elastically horizontally scalable on almost all cloud platforms. For popular platforms such as Amazon - AWS, Azure and Open Telekom Cloud, we have already automated the addition and removal of computer nodes via prepared scripts for you.

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  • Versioning

    To provide you with even better support when developing your own applications, we have implemented two different versioning options in Intrexx 18.09: semantic versioning and versioning with GIT.

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  • Portlet Framework

    The completely new and responsive portlet framework provides users with more options and greater flexibility when developing applications and designing pages. This provides dashboards with an impact and clarity that previously wasn't possible. This accelerates the transfer of information to employees and increases employee satisfaction immensely.

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  • Java 11

    Both the Portal Manager and Server are now based on Java Runtime version 11. You can choose to use existing Java licenses or switch to the open source option OpenJDK. As well as saving costs, this also gives you the ability to choose your own personal JDK and thus consolidate your Java systems.

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    Communication between the Portal Manager and other servers has been switched to the REST API. This means portals can communicate with other servers securely even across firewalls. The integration of external systems and data is made even easier as a result and your portal is one step closer to becoming a digital workplace and a pivotal tool in your company. True to the motto: Everything in one place!

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  • New business logic

    The new business logic is responsible for the reading, writing, and filtering of data in Intrexx. However, this is only a pragmatic view of things - the tasks of the business logic are much more diverse.

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Upgrade to Intrexx Version 19.03
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