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German National League Prediction Game 2019/2020 for Intrexx

Who will be the German National League champion in 2019/2020? How will newcomers compete in the first league? With our prediction game, you get the excitement of the German National League directly in your intranet!

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Thanks to the responsive design of the game, you can of course also submit predictions conveniently via mobile devices.

Features at a glance:

  • The ultimate kick
    The German National League prediction game allows extra fun for the new season! With this classic as an intranet game, you promote collaboration and exchange amongst colleagues in a playful manner and thus increase a sense of community throughout the company.

  • Just create a betting guide and get going
    To use the prediction game, simply download the app to the portal, create the betting guide and find out who has the greatest knowledge of soccer in the company.

  • Also available on mobile
    Your colleagues can even capture the predictions from their smartphone or tablet PC. So, employees working outside of the office also have the opportunity to enter the betting forum. Furthermore, if you forget to post your predictions in the office, you can do so from the comfort of your own home or on the road.

  • Never forget the predictions
    The prediction game reminders sent automatically from Intrexx Share never let you miss an upcoming game. So, no one will forget to send in their predictions on time.

  • Determine the score yourself
    Configure the score to be awarded in case of victory, draw or defeat all by yourself. Design the prediction game according to your own wishes.

Your Benefits:

  • Ultimate prediction game fun
  • An increased sense of community
  • Never miss a prediction thanks to automatic reminders
  • Submit predictions at any time due to the mobile interface
  • No isolated solutions for the prediction game

German National League Prediction Game 2019/2020 for Intrexx
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Included Languages:
  • German
  • English

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