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Upgrade to Intrexx Version 19.09

Intrexx 19.09 offers you a lot of new features and benefits. It enables you to take full advantage of the expertise of your diverse departments and involves them directly in the application development. The live version of the Portal Manager enables the administration and edit of your applications without the need of IT specialists. You can start the Portal Manager easily from the directory of any computer in your company without the need to install it first. This significantly accelerates the IT development in the company. Don't miss the other highlights of Intrexx 19.09!

The most important new features of Intrexx Version 19.09 at a glance:

  • TinyMCE Editor

    The new TinyMCE Editor increases usability when formatting texts. From now on, it can be used comfortably with mobile devices.

  • Internationalization

    The use of country-specific languages in your portals creates a higher identification with your company for all users in the respective countries.

  • Greater security

    For compliance with the applicable policies, relevant script methods can now check password entries. This significantly increases the password security.

  • Support of ‘Divers’ as gender

    ‘Divers’ can now be entered as gender in the user administration.

  • Intrexx Cluster Support in setup

    As of Intrexx 19.09, the setup allows you to add the portal server as an instance of an Intrexx cluster.

  • Responsive image view control

    All types of images can now be fitted according to the size needs of the end device, thanks to a new image view control option.

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