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Cookie Notice Manager

Secure, GDPR-compliant Intrexx portals

Data protection affects not only public websites and data saved by companies but also customer and extranet portals. Companies and their administrators have a duty to fulfill here, and Intrexx gives you a helping hand. Secure your Intrexx portal in accordance with data protection law – regardless of which scenario it is used for.

The Cookie Notice Manager can be imported into any Intrexx portal that runs on Intrexx Version 19.03 (OU11) or later and configured with ease.


Whether you are using analysis scripts, social media pixels or other cookies, the Cookie Notice Manager allows you to provide your users with the legally required options without having to completely do without the analysis figures.

Because the app’s layout can be individually adjusted, it fully adapts to the look and feel of your portal, supporting usability and your CI.

Your benefits with Cookie Notice Manager

Your users can choose between four cookie options: essential functions, statistics, marketing, and external scripts. As the administrator, you can customize the texts for each notification as needed. The cookies and scripts are only activated once the user has opted into the corresponding category. This prevents a prohibited data transfer just by opening the portal URL.

Please note that United Planet can only make the application available. Please contact your data protection officer and/or your company lawyer for more information about using the application in a GDRP-compliant manner.

The plus points
  • Custom texts displayed in the front end
  • Custom scripts in the back end
  • Fully customizable layout
  • Automatically adjusts the language in multilingual portals

Cookie Notice Manager
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