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Seat plan for Intrexx

Would you like to make it easier for new colleagues in your enterprise to become oriented? This application shows the layout of workspaces for the employees of your business. In this regard, you can search for a specific employee, or view an entire floor of a building. In order to view the data for an employee, simply go over the icon with the mouse.

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Features in a nutshell:
  • Create floor plans and departments
    Floors and floor plans can be created in the application. Departments can be assigned to the floors.
  • Position employees
    Position employees in their respective departments. To see an employee’s data, simply move the mouse over the icon.
  • New in the latest version
    Building floor plans can now be uploaded in the browser as well.

Your benefits:
  • Depict the building and floor structure
  • Find employees quickly

Seat plan for Intrexx
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