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Connector for Microsoft Office

Manage your office documents without Microsoft SharePoint: The Connector for Microsoft Office integrates MS Office documents into your portal simply and seamlessly without updating your Microsoft Office suite (runs on Office 2003 or higher).

Features in a nutshell:

  • Edit documents directly in the portal
    With the Connector for Microsoft Office, documents can be edited in the portal without the previously required upload and download mechanisms.
  • Direct access to portal documents from MS Office
    Users can access documents, which are stored in the enterprise portal, from MS Office programs, such as Word and Excel.
  • Enter additional information
    To guarantee that the documents can be found quickly, these can be provided with additional information such as a title or comments; this simplifies research procedures considerably. There’s no need to program VBA forms or macros.
  • Connect documents to processes with ease
    The Connector for MS Office facilitates a smooth collaboration between document management and business processes. In this way, Intrexx represents a more economical alternative to MS Office SharePoint Server (MOSS).
  • No update required
    With Intrexx, you don’t need to update your Microsoft Office package because integration is possible as of “Microsoft Office 2003”.
  • Easy to implement
    Existing applications can be expanded effortlessly to include Office Integration.

Your benefits:

  • Interconnect document management and Office applications
  • Economical alternative to Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS)
  • No update required because integration is possible as of “Microsoft Office 2003”
  • Easy to implement

Connector for Microsoft Office
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Included Languages:
  • German
  • English

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