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CRM for Intrexx

The CRM for Intrexx is one of the most advanced, out of the box CRM applications on the market. It can be customized easily and quickly, contains comprehensive sales analysis tool and an exact activities control. With Intrexx CRM, everything in the company will run like clockwork.

CRM for IntrexxCRM for IntrexxCRM for IntrexxCRM for IntrexxCRM for IntrexxCRM for IntrexxCRM for Intrexx

Features in a nutshell:

  • Manage customer contacts optimally. Show your customers how important they are by networking your internal information flow and individually advising your customers according to their needs.

  • Make the most of turnover potential. Examine your customer data conveniently, sort your customers according to your own criteria and create target-oriented mailings for specific groups.

  • Freely definable activities and procedures. Manage your Sales however you’d like. For example, a manager can receive an automatic report about unsatisfied customers.

  • Browser and platform independent. As opposed to other systems, Intrexx isn’t limited to a certain platform but can be used in all current browsers.

  • Open to change. If you have specific requirements, you can add new data fields or model processes at the drop of a hat with the Intrexx Portal Manager. And you don’t even need programming knowledge for that.

Your benefits:

  • Improve your customer support
  • Make the most of turnover potential
  • Manage your Sales however you’d like

Do you need the application for Intrexx 7? Get in contact with us.

CRM for Intrexx
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