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Sample Application Multi-resource Bookings for Intrexx

The application Multi-resource bookings for Intrexx lets you reserve several of the company resources simultaneously. Instead of having to book each item for a particular project or meeting individually, the reservation is now much faster and simpler.


Overview of the functions:
  • Very simple to use:
    The operation is very simple and intuitive: Select the required resources from a multiple-selection list, then enter the period and the reason for the reservation, and it’s done! It’s very convenient to use, and it saves you time!
  • Automatic blocking to prevent double bookings:
    If a resource is requested more than once for the same period, the user will receive an automatic warning message, and the resource will be protected from double bookings.
  • Clear and concise calendar:
    A calendar provides a clear overview of which resources have been booked and when, and thus provides a basis for better resource planning.

How it helps you:
  • No more accidental double bookings
  • Saves time thanks to multi-resource reservation functionality and ease of use
  • Improved overview of resource usage

Sample Application Multi-resource Bookings for Intrexx
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