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Connector for OData

With the Connector for OData, data from Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX and NAV (formerly Navision), IBM WebSphere, Windows Azure or SQL Server can be integrated in web applications much more simply than has previously been possible. Thus, for example, the data can be made available on any Smartphone. Additionally, no programming skills are required.

An ever increasing number of suppliers of software solutions and internet services are making their data available in Open Data Protocol Format (OData). The reason: OData facilitates simple integration and editing of data via the web, and is therefore much more convenient than conventional web services. OData is based on open web standards, such as HTTP, Atom and JSON, and transfers data in the REST Architecture Style (Representational State Transfer). OData is particularly suitable for heterogeneous IT environments. OData can undertake complex database queries using just the URL. It is not without reason that OData is known as “ODBC for the web”.

With the Connector for OData, data from all software systems and internet services, which make use of OData, can be integrated into any web applications or processes in Intrexx enterprise portals with an unprecedented speed, and made available for any mobile device. Applications Data from Facebook or eBay can, with the connector, be integrated just as simply as data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP, IBM WebSphere, Windows Azure or SQL Server. Even Microsoft SharePoint can be linked with an Intrexx Enterprise Portal via the connector. So the users can at last benefit from the strengths of both solutions: from the extensive DMS functions of SharePoint, and from the facility to create web applications very quickly and easily with Intrexx and to make them available for mobile devices with a mouse click.


  • Simple integration. Data from any OData data source can be incorporated into powerful web applications or Intrexx enterprise portals.
  • Mobile access. The connector allows access to data from, for example, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX and NAV (formerly Navision), Windows Azure, SQL Server, via Smartphone or Tablet, among others.
  • Convenient shortcuts. The portals of other manufacturers such as Microsoft SharePoint or IBM WebSphere can be connected with an Intrexx Enterprise Portal via the connector.
  • Integration of internet services. Data from Facebook or eBay can also be integrated with the connector.
  • Simple to use. Operation of the connector is supported by a wizard, which guides the user step by step to make the integration ready for use.

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Connector for OData
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