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Connector for IBM Lotus Notes

The Connector for IBM Lotus Notes allows you to integrate data from IBM Lotus Notes databases in your web based Enterprise Portal easily. You can use that data in your Intrexx Professional applications and hence provide a new centralised point of access for the organization’s employees. Read and write access rights can be granted role-based. The smart and user friendly web interface eases the work with Notes data significantly. The result: Existing Lotus Notes data and applications can be used even more extensively.

How does it work: You can create a smart web interface for all users in which you can handle IBM Lotus Notes data and applications easily. An IBM Lotus Notes client is no longer necessary. The IBM Lotus Notes data is integrated in a Java-based system. Simply create a new server connection to the IBM Lotus Notes database with the wizard in the Integration Centre. Then create a new foreign data group in the Application Designer and develop your web application with IBM Lotus Notes data fields simply by drag and drop. The connection (between Intrexx Professional and IBM Lotus Notes) is made by using the Java API of IBM Lotus Notes with the help of the DIIOP-Protocol (Domino Internet Inter-ORB Protocol). You can define whether the access to the IBM Lotus Notes data should be read and write or read-only. Data records can be read, inserted, changed and deleted. You can also create complex business processes based on the Notes data very easily with the integrated visual Process Designer of Intrexx. The data can also be used for web services or for the creation of composite applications. Knowledge about the IBM Lotus Notes scripting languages is no longer required.


  • One portal rather than many applications. The Intrexx portal creates a centralized access point to all information. Besides the Lotus Notes data also other systems such as SAP can easily be integrated. The interface is very user friendly and simplifies work significantly.
  • Easy handling. With the help of the graphical editor in Intrexx you can create new applications quickly and easily. Even complex applications can be developed within a short time and ithout any programming skills.
  • Controlled costs. Compared to other products on the market, the Intrexx Professional license costs are inexpensive and the effort to maintain the portal is less. Lotus Notes clients are not necessary anymore.
  • Browser and platform independent. In contrast to other systems, Intrexx is not limited to a certain system environment but runs on different operating systems (such as Windows Server, Sun Solaris, Linux, Mac OS) and all popular browsers.

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Connector for IBM Lotus Notes
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