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Connector for SAP Gateway

With the Connector for SAP Gateway, businesses and organization will be able to quickly and conveniently incorporate SAP data and documents (e.g. product images, order confirmations or invoices) into the web-based applications of an enterprise portal, without any need for programming. The web-interface can be displayed and edited in a very user-friendly way. And the users benefit from a very cost-efficient SAP licensing model.

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How does it work:
The Intrexx Connector is the world’s first programming-free generic interface for SAP NetWeaver Gateway. It enables businesses and organizations to quickly and simply integrate their SAP data into any web-based application. Thanks to the mobile functionality afforded by Intrexx, the data can also conveniently be made available to any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android etc.). Thanks to a special transaction-based licensing model from SAP, the resulting access to SAP data is very cost-efficient. The integration of SAP data is implemented in three simple stages: First, select the service you wish to access. Then, compile the application with the visual designer of the intranet and portal software Intrexx using the ready-made components. In the final stage, select the required service functionality (e.g. read data, edit, delete). The connector makes use of the Open Data Protocol (OData) which makes incorporating SAP data as easy as incorporating a database. Gateway Content Services may be operated both on the SAP NetWeaver Server and directly on an SAP Backend System and, in both instances, they enable the generation of REST Web Services in accordance with OData. The Web Services can be created using BAPIs, RFCs or even Dynpro, or they can be developed on the basis of ABAP Objects.


  • The world‘s first programming-free generic interface for the SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • Simple integration of SAP data in powerful web-based applications
  • SAP data can be transferred, at the click of a mouse, to any mobile device
  • Very cost-efficient access to SAP data
  • User-friendly and clean interface
  • No programming work required
  • SAP certificate. The solution has been certified by SAP for use with SAP NetWeaver.

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Connector for SAP Gateway
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