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Reports for Intrexx

Reports for Intrexx is a powerful reporting solution that transforms the data from virtually any source into meaningful, interactive information. Reports can be integrated into the web-based Intrexx applications and can then be exported into many different formats. The solution manages the information provided and makes it available, thanks to the user administration of Intrexx, throughout the entire company. Worldwide, scalable and secure. All reports can be configured with input parameters, in order to be able to extract the same report form, with different parameters and different views of the database. This avoids unnecessary creation of new reports in the same format.

This application can be made available for older versions of Intrexx on request.

Developing Company: QuinScape
  -  http://www.quinscape.de


Features in a nutshell:
  • Easy creation of high-quality report templates. Professional report templates can be created with an easy-to-learn graphical tool.
  • Seamless integration into Intrexx. The reports are available, directly in Intrexx applications and are retrieved from there with the simple push of a button. If required, it can also be parameterized, for example, with the pre-selection of a financial year.
  • Advanced accessibility to existing data. PDF reports make possible, among other things, the use of data offline, transferring, printing, clear summaries and archiving of data versions.
  • Perfect integration in processes and procedures. Reports can be called from processes, such as the periodic generation and distribution of status reports, to generate documents or to archive data versions with changes.
  • A variety of sources and output formats. In reports, diverse data sources, such as the ERP system, can be integrated. For output, in addition to PDF, Office formats are also available.

Your benefits:
  • Fast learning curve
  • High degree of individuality, future and investment security
  • Cost reduction and quality improvement
  • Automated processes so that no human interaction is required
  • Not an isolated application
  • Centralized reporting across all data sets
  • Simple versioning

Reports for Intrexx
2,300 €
Excluding VAT
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Included Languages:
  • German
  • English

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