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Polls for Intrexx Share

With this application from the ‘Apps in an App’ series, you can carry out short polls quickly and easily. You can conveniently receive the opinion of your colleagues on any desired topic and hence you can get an insight into the opinion of your organisation as a whole. If Intrexx Share is available in the portal then the application is automatically embedded in the Share navigation bar. Polls are therefore directly shown in the newsfeeds of the relevant employees. If Intrexx Share is not available then the application is incorporated into the portal menu.


Features in a nutshell:
  • Creation of polls. Polls can be created with just a few clicks, thus you can ascertain a general idea of the opinion of your organisation as a whole.
  • Categorisation of polls. You can create polls regarding different categories of topics. This allows for an even better insight into the opinions of employees.
  • Flexible adjustment options. You can choose whether your feedback appears as anonymous or if you would like the poll to take the form of multiple choice questions.
  • Ready for Social Business. Polls are directly shown in the news feed in Intrexx Share of the relevant employees, thus no important polls are missed.

  • You can obtain the opinions of your employees quickly and in an uncomplicated manner.
  • Results are displayed clearly
  • Simple to use
  • No important polls are missed

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Polls for Intrexx Share
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