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Tasks for Intrexx Share

With this applications from the ‘Apps in an App’ series, coordination and execution of tasks are simplified and improved. Tasks can be delegated, scheduled, allocated to a project and can be assigned a level of importance. Tasks are divided according to status and are clearly presented. If Intrexx Share is available in the portal then the application will be automatically imbedded in the Share navigation bar. If Share is not available then the application will normally be integrated in the portal menu.

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Features in a nutshell:
  • Creation of tasks. Tasks are created quickly and easily, thereby stating task titles, descriptions and due dates and who has responsibility for them.
  • Deadlines are controlled. With the use of a control on deadlines, tasks can be carried out on time in a comfortable and secure way.
  • Delegation of tasks. Tasks can easily be delegated to other employees
  • Tasks can be linked with projects. Tasks can be assigned to a particular project. You can therefore, maintain at all times an idea of how your project is progressing.
  • Tasks are given a status. If a status is provided to a task, it allows an insight into how the execution of tasks is progressing.
  • Ready for Social Business. Tasks are displayed in the newsfeed of the relevant employee on Intrexx Share, thus no important tasks are missed or forgotten about.

  • Better organisation of tasks and projects
  • Less overdue deadlines because tasks are being performed
  • No more tasks are forgotten about thanks to the due date function

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Tasks for Intrexx Share
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