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Online Surveys for Intrexx

With the Intrexx Online Surveys application, you can have an unlimited number of surveys with unlimited questions. Various response options, such as simple yes/no, multiple choice and free-text information enable a wide range of application scenarios. Notes to the questions with optional image information (e.g. an illustration of a situation), complete the flexibility.

Online SurveysOnline SurveysOnline SurveysOnline SurveysOnline SurveysOnline SurveysOnline SurveysOnline SurveysOnline Surveys

Features in a nutshell:
  • Unlimited surveys. Unlimited number of surveys with an unlimited number of questions, enable the realization of any survey scenario.
  • Survey creation wizard. An assistant guides you step-by-step through the creation of new surveys, thus maximizing convenience for the user.
  • A variety of possible answers. Yes/no answers, multiple choice selections, and creation of free-text as an answer, ensure a more precise survey. Templates for multiple choice answers allow for rapid configuration of frequently recurring response scenarios.
  • Surveys directly in the portal. The creation and participation of surveys is carried out directly in the Portal, thus ensuring maximum convenience.
  • Required questions and self-service. Surveys can be distributed to any portal user, on a mandatory basis or self-service, when participation is optional. Thus employees can participate independently in surveys from the survey pool.
  • Copy surveys conveniently. An existing survey may be copied, with all basic data, groupings and questions that can then easily be modified.
  • Clear evaluations. Evaluations of questions with structured answers, in bar charts, give the creator a comprehensive overview of the survey results, quickly and simply.
  • Import and export. A contingency table of all participants and answers, as well as the comment fields of the survey, can be created and exported to Excel, for further analysis. In addition, an import and export via XML enables the exchange of surveys between different portals.
  • Simple anonymity. With each survey, you can specify whether or not participation should be anonymous. Non-participants can also be anonymized. In this way, the identity of the employee can be protected effectively.
  • Flexible assignment of permissions. The survey types have a distributor, so that the rights can be flexibly controlled in the editing area.
  • Ready for Intrexx Share. Thanks to the Intrexx Share Plug-in that is included, you can send online surveys directly to the participant via the Share feed, and they can be taken directly in Intrexx Share. New self-service surveys are publicized via the Share feed.

Your benefits:
  • Realization of any number of survey scenarios
  • Time saving, thanks to convenient creation and participation in the surveys, directly in the Portal.
  • More precise queries and more accurate results, thanks to highly flexible creation of surveys
  • Greater prominence for surveys and higher participation rate with the Share feed.
  • Time saving and reduction of errors, with the convenient copy function for surveys
  • Quick overview of the survey results
  • Elimination of standalone solutions
  • No additional costs with increased numbers of surveys
  • No annual fees

Online Surveys for Intrexx
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