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Document Management for Intrexx

Simplify the editing, release and management of documents! With this application, all documents will be collected in a central application and are, therefore, available throughout the company. The user management regulates precisely which documents can be seen or altered, and by whom.


Automated review and approval processes
Every document is processed through the review and approval team of the chosen area of responsibility, before it is made available to the selected group of users. The relevant people will be notified via email once the release procedure of a new document or a new version has started. The review and approval process is freely definable and can be variously configured, depending on the department.

PDF generation
Following release, the application converts Word, Excel or OpenOffice documents directly into PDFs, which are then placed in the directory. Placeholders included in the source file (examiner, approver, date, etc.) will automatically be populated by the PDF Generator.

Supporting documents
Topically related documents, or documents that effectively sections of a complete entity, are assigned to the relevant other documents, using this function. In such cases, these will always be displayed in their current versions.

Extensive reports
Intrexx Document Management includes integrated reports that provide a clear overview of the respective processing and release stages for each document.

Audit-proof archiving
If you upload a new version of a document, you don't need to worry about making a backup of the old one. Intrexx Document Management automatically archives all previous versions.

Integrated user management
Whenever you create a new directory, select the employees that should have access to it and to the documents published within. You can access all distribution lists, organizational units, roles, etc. from your LDAP/AD directory.

Browser and platform independent
With Intrexx Document Management, you benefit from the advanced technologies of Intrexx. Unlike other systems, Intrexx is not restricted to a particular platform, but instead runs in all major browsers.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Good overview with a clearly structured and unified storage system
  • Standardization of the process
  • Security with compliant archiving
  • No duplicated processing, document status is always visible
  • Full text search for easy research

The document management application is suitable only for Intrexx Professional, not for Intrexx Compact.

Document Management for Intrexx
1,500 €
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Included Languages:
  • German
  • English

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