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Chat for Intrexx

With the Chat for Intrexx application, private and group chats can be conducted cross-company and in real time. In this way, small matters can be discussed by just a couple of employees or also as a group. Files, images and media files can be conveniently exchanged at the same time. And all of this can be done using a tablet PC or smartphone.

Chat for IntrexxChat for IntrexxChat for IntrexxChat for IntrexxChat for Intrexx

Features in a nutshell:
  • Private and group chats
    Chats can be conducted with employees, teams, project groups etc. Tasks can therefore be discussed in the team with ease.
  • Exchange files
    Files, images and documents can be exchanged during the course of the conversation.
  • Status display
    Every chat participant can specify their availability status, e.g. online, offline, busy etc. This allows you to see whether a participant is available at a glance.
  • Archive chats
    Every chat can be archived and is then available for searching.
  • Search function
    Using the search function, chats can be searched through using any entered term. Old posts can be found quickly in this way.
  • Mobile-enabled
    Chats can be conducted on tablet PCs and smartphones. This means conversations can also be conducted while on the go.
  • Permissions concept
    Thanks to the slender Intrexx permissions concept, every user only sees what they’re allowed to see.
  • Email notifications
    Each user can set up, whether they’d like to receive an email notification when a new chat message has been entered.
Your benefits:
  • Conduct cross-company chats conveniently
  • Conduct group conversations without complications
  • Quicker communication
  • Take part in chats while on the go
  • Trace the chat history

Chat for Intrexx
300 €
Excluding VAT
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Included Languages:
  • German
  • English

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