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Connector for SAP Business Suite

The Connector for SAP enables the smooth integration of data from SAP into an Intrexx portal. Thus, within a very short time, web applications can be created, processes automated, and complete enterprise portals established, all making use of the SAP data. Access to the data is via the proprietary client and authorization management of SAP.

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Procedure: With Intrexx and the Connector for SAP, a wide range of applications can be created, which allow you to leverage your SAP data more flexibly. Thus, for example, you can build an extranet, in which partners can see price lists, customers can see the status of their orders or update their master data themselves. Similarly, department heads can access cost center reports in the intranet, or your employees can be provided with data about your suppliers. Therefore, two different types of connector are available: View & Write and Developer API. With the “View and Write” module, written scenarios and functional views can easily be represented. Availability checks or price queries are examples of such scenarios. All operations on the data (read, modify, delete) are performed exclusively in the SAP system. Access to the data of the Generic Store can be made via an ALV Grid, through which the data can also be exported to MS Office products (e.g. mail merge). The “Developer API” component includes a complex framework for the development of bidirectional scenarios, which is often the case in projects. Here, the data structures and processing logic are already present in SAP. The necessary portal functions (e.g. read, write, delete) are available in SAP in an object oriented ABAP Framework.


  • Suitable for all systems.
    The connector supports all SAP systems from the older SAP R/3 4.6 to the latest SAP NetWeaver based systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, BW and other mySAP components).
  • Secure application.
    This connector, developed jointly with SAP specialists, builds specifically on the SAP-recommended technologies for system integration. The access - reading and writing - takes place via RFC functions of the SAP Java Connector.
  • Integrated user management.
    With the Intrexx user management, read and write permissions for each data item and application can be assigned according to roles.
  • Design workflows with SAP data.
    Once a link to the data has been made, the data is then available in the Intrexx Process Manager, to be used for optimizing processes, or to be made available at the click of a mouse as a web service.
  • Simple to use.
    Using the graphical development environment of Intrexx, the creation of new applications is simple and fast, and even complex applications and structures can be realized within a short time and without the need for programming knowledge.

The Connector for SAP Business Suite can be installed on all SAP systems based on the SAP Web Application Server (from version 6.10 onwards). An connector is valid for connecting an SAP system for an unlimited number of users/devices in a portal.

Connector for SAP Business Suite
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