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Support Center for Intrexx

The Support Center is a central platform for tickets and requests from users or customers. It lets you organize the customer service efficiently. Any issues like error messages, user requirements, equipment problems or system failures are easily reported, centrally controlled and solved in accordance with the priorities and resources available.

Users report their question easily with their preferred device and get quick help depending on priority, resources or existing solutions to get direct feedback on their ticket.

The support person takes new tickets depending on priority that can be assigned internally. For the support team, todo's like installations, maintenance, issues or so are organized in a traceable manner. The support team can inform colleagues immeditely via Intrexx Share without having emails to send with large distribution lists. By sharing the message it appears in the timeline of users in Intrexx Share immediately.

Developing Company: effimag Information Management
  -  http://www.effimag.com


Features in a nutshell:
  • Enter tickets only once. Questions, problems, errors or failures are easily reported at the time when desired by the user. Issues of each type can be reported from his device wherever he is. The data is mande centrally available.
  • Process the tickets rapidly. New tickets can be accepted from the support person by using priorities, edited and resolved efficiently. No need to copy or enter text twice or search in emails.
  • Assign tasks. All tickets arrive at the central place and can be picked up and prioritized by the right people. The workflow component ensures efficient work, direct conversation with the user and saving associated data in one place for the relevant employee.
  • To do list. The support staff gets an overview of what he has to do and where it waits for the user's response. At any time it can be seen who has to do what or is waiting for someone. The whole workflow is understandable.
  • FAQs. To provide the user with helpful information and instructions, FAQs are provided. Questions are answered in advance without any support effort.
  • Mobile Ready. With the mobile availability the support team can respond flexible and expeditiously from any location. Users can see the status at any time regardless where they ar by cellphone or tablet. Tickets can be viewed and questions are answered directly.
  • Statistics on the state of the support. The organization of the support is supported by graphically displayed statistics that show open or resolved issues or users logged on. Each time the status and use of the support is made vividly clear.
  • Make knowledge available. If solutions are already there, they are available without support efforts via FAQs, Documents or the Knowledge Base. Users get the knowledge without generating costs at support. Links to topics can help to get clearer understanding to avoid questions.
  • Social Business Information. Requests or messages are shared in the newsfeed in the Intrexx Share. No more e-mails to recipients not being available with superfluous stuff in the mailbox after return. With Intrexx Share, messages are easily shared. The users will find it in their timeline, which helps to avoid frequent calls and emails at the support. No mass e-mails from the support to huge distribution lists!
  • Documentation. The support has the possibility to organize the documentation, depending on demand and make it centrally available. In addition to manuals and images, explain videos can be uploaded.
  • Customer service. Users can contact the right person with the correct contact data and so go to the proper support personnel. No more whispers or infinite redirects.
  • Search. Throughout the whole application a full-text search can be made. By defining topics a search can be made even more useful by linkin FAQs, Knowledge Posts, documentation and tickets together with joining topics. The result over time is a comprehensive knowledge base. The longer the support center is in use, the less support people are burdened by unnecessary tickets.
  • Resolved questions. Insights into solved problems aren't be lost nor disappear in personal e-mail folders. New employees receive a searchable resource for already resolved cases. Managers of customer service can organize and draw new conclusions from past solutions for further buys or contracts.

Your benefits:
  • Requests, errors or failures in the technical area are quickly and efficiently resolved, reported and answered
  • Tickets are maintained central and entered only once. Tickets, requests and messages are processed without duplicates
  • Cost-effective and targeted response by processing and resolve requests according to priority
  • Prevention of double costs through FAQs and Knowledge Base
  • Quick and independent answers from FAQs without the support burdened unnecessarily
  • Possibility of targeted documentation for users by suitable response with documentation
  • Statistics as evidence of the effort and benefit of the own support
  • No more disturbance in the support by persons who are on the mat with their problems
  • Available for any device regardless of the operating system, Windows, iPhone, Android or Mac
  • Efficient processing of support tickets and incidents
  • No duplication of already solved cases
  • Easier familiarization of new employees through documentation and knowledge
  • Overview of common problems with devices or applications for users by statistics with graphic display
  • Fast option for implementing a support organization and overview of the actual efforts
  • Own prioritization allows planning and organization for the correct use of support and customer service organization
  • Information about customers, their issues, programs and user behavior
  • Centrally available data about functioning or less well-working devices, applications and systems
  • A contemporary communication by avoiding unnecessary mass emails and reporting of issues in the timeline in Intrexx Share with the ability to share and comment

Support Center for Intrexx
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