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Address Management for Intrexx

79 €
Manage your contacts clearly and centrally...
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Chat for Intrexx

300 €
Conduct private and group chats in your portal...
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Portal-CRM for Intrexx

6,990 €
Efficient and easy-to-use CRM...
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Professional application: Knowledge Management for Intrexx

1,429 €
Knowledge: combined, organized, found...
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How to do it for Intrexx

Instructions for employees to improve their task handling...
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Document Management for Intrexx

998 €
Simplify the editing, release and management of documents...
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Sample Application Multi-resource Bookings for Intrexx

Reservervation of several resources simultaneously...
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Image Gallery for Intrexx

149 €
Create and publish image galleries...
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Content Management System for Intrexx

1,048 €
Targeted publishing and editing of articles on any topic...
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