Whitepaper: B2B portals

as a catalyst for growth

Information exchange, effective processes, and teamwork are becoming increasingly important for success in business. On the one hand the need to coordinate with business partners in the B2B environment is increasing all the time, and on the other hand technical developments are simplifying cross-company collaboration.

This provides companies with opportunities for improving customer retention and satisfaction.
Title page - B2B portals as a catalyst for growth
  • Information is key – notably when cooperating with partners
  • What exactly are extranets and B2B portals?
  • ... and why do I need it?
  • Just for large enterprises? B2B portal for SMEs
  • How do we approach it?
  • 1. Start small, grow as needed
  • 2. Healthy pragmatism
  • Your benefits with extranets and B2B portals

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