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83,6 % of companies are planning to invest more into digitalization according to the results of a study by UP Research. Benefit from this market potential as well. As an Intrexx Partner, you will support customers in introducing individual digital workplaces.

You develop applications and advise companies in the digitalization of their communication and business processes.

In good company

More than 100 companies are already Intrexx Partners

Your benefits

  • Up to 40% margin
  • Personal support for sales projects
  • Technical consulting free of charge
  • Support with advertising materials and for generating leads
  • Work with the low-code platform, Intrexx

As a long-time Intrexx Partrner, we value the good and personal support from the Partner Team. Our customers notice this support as well and therefore, the partnership is a substantial guarantee for our success.

Georg Baindl, Managing Director


Get to know the low-code platform

Our Intrexx solutions are just as unique as the customer requirements. Every solution, whether it is an intranet, extranet, social collaboration or Industry 4.0 solution, leads to the digital workplace.

Based on the low-code development platform, Intrexx, every individual portal can be implemented in a time-effective manner while going easy on the budget.

All solutions are standardized but can also be customized. See it for yourself.

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Software applications and processes can be created quickly and easily. Thanks to the drag & drop principle, IT skills are not required. Furthermore, processes can be triggered automatically based on a time or an event.
Thanks to the comprehensive and secure integration of data, users have access to all relevant information gathered together in one central location. Interfaces are available for MS Exchange, MS Office, Office 365, MS Sharepoint, SAP, JDBC, OData, PDV VISkompakt, eVak, IPV, Loga, Diamant etc.
data sovereignty
Make sure that you have data sovereignty in your own house or at a certified private cloud provider. This is made possible by an on-premise installation.
The portal keeps employees up to date about new and modified data. This means they don't need to go looking for it and enables them to respond more quickly.
You can configure dashboards to present all important portal data meaning users see everything they need for their work at a glance.
Employees and external users are provided with individual and secure access to the portal. They can be assigned to roles, groups or custom memberships for their login. This helps them identify their tasks more efficiently.
The layout can be defined on an individual basis and adjusted quickly. The import and export function allows layouts to be transferred to other Intrexx portals and therefore, to other sites/offices.
Partner day

Strong. Together.

Let's form a strong team and help companies discover the significant added value of the digital workplace.

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A look back on the Intrexx Partner Days 2019

WUNDS Datensysteme GmbH

“Intrexx is a great solution for the area of low-code development. Not only that, United Planet’s support for Partners is exemplary. No matter which questions are on our minds, we always get an answer promptly. We are so pleased with the longstanding partnership, the mutual trust and the great communication with each department from United Planet.”

Jens Wanner, Managing Director
WUNDS Datensysteme GmbH


"As a long-time Intrexx Partrner, we value the good and personal support from the Partner Team. Our customers notice this support as well and therefore, the partnership is a substantial guarantee for our success."

Georg Baindl, Managing Director
PortalConsult GmbH

QuinScape GmbH

“United Planet has grown but has kept its congenial character and has continuously strengthened its focus on Partners. With Intrexx, the software provider has developed the optimal solution for low-code development. The decisive advantage is that custom, perfect-fitting solutions can be implemented quickly. With Intrexx, our customers move from an idea to a finished solution especially quickly.”

Gero Presser, Managing Director
QuinScape GmbH

Moysies & Partner

“Over the many years of our collaboration, United Planet has always been a fair, cooperative and reliable partner. Working together with them is great fun! Furthermore, it is great to see the surprised faces of customers again and again when they see how quickly and easily specifications can be turned into technical solutions with Intrexx.”

Nebojša Djordjević, Managing Director
Moysies & Partner


An intranet functions as a central data hub; all information can be seen at a glance. In addition, company processes are automated and noticeably shortened. Access permissions can be defined individually meaning every employee only sees what they are allowed to see. With an integrated social intranet, content can be shared with colleagues even easier and faster. This means that employees play an active role in the internal communication.

More information about the intranet


With an extranet, companies can easily share information with business partners such as suppliers and customers. The extranet is an extension of the intranet. It can be used by a specific group of external users with a password. This facilitates an efficient cross-company exchange of information.

I 4.0

The production of the future is intelligent, flexible, efficient and sustainable. Digital systems enable the production to almost organize itself: Man, machine and products communicate directly with one another. The digital interconnection improves collaboration, coordination and transparency - not just across company departments but also along the entire supply and value-added chain.

More information about Industry 4.0

Social Collaboration - Icon

The internal collaboration and exchange of ideas between employees is noticeably improved with social collaboration. Companies with multiple locations also have huge benefits and get the latest news immediately. Among other things, project groups can be formed, polls can be created and company news can be posted in the activity stream.

More information about social collaboration

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