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 The wireless enterprise - Efficiency through mobility!
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Customers: Office of the archbishop in Freiburg – Intrexx supports the coordination of duties

Top The wireless enterprise - Efficiency through mobility!

The business world is becoming increasingly global following the rapid development in technology innovations in recent years. With mobile technology moving beyond the consumer space and giving new power to business by enabling access to enterprise data from anywhere, on any device and in real-time. Mobility has indeed become the topic on everyone‘s lips - an unstoppable revolution that must be adopted in the enterprise.

Just as mobility has successfully shaped people‘s daily lives, it is now taking its place in the enterprise. Mobility empowers people and it empowers businesses. According to VDC Research, 110 million smartphones were deployed by enterprises in 2011 and by 2013 an estimated of a billion smartphones will be deployed in the global workforce. The Aberdeen Research data from early 2011 showed that 75 percent of companies have Bring Your Own Device policies. Furthermore, as of today, 81 percent of mobile users access the Internet from their mobile phones and 68 percent use apps.

The majority of the mobile workforce uses their smartphones to increase productivity and staying connected while on the road. Thus, mobile devices contribute to efficient workflows in enterprise as it allows access to business data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Real-time interaction with customers, increased flexibility and availability of information are just a few of the business benefits of mobile solutions.

In short, mobile is the new desktop, business-critical decisions are made in the field and employees of today carry their workstation in their pocket. With the oncoming flood of mobile apps as well as various device types and operating system, it will be crucial to find the right mobility solution for your enterprise.

Intrexx provides the answer to this challenge - a single software solution. Intrexx enables you to create web-based applications as well as to generate mobile apps for any mobile device available on the market - no programming knowledge needed. Even data from existing systems can be made mobile very easily. This means that mobile solutions can be implemented quickly and cost effectively, without large development teams. Given that mobile technology has already proven itself to be the best way to reach customers, it makes sense to use mobile business apps to accelerate business processes and enhance employee productivity.

Access the „TSUM“-live demo portal to see what a mobile enterprise could look like with Intrexx: http://www.unitedplanet.com/en/intrexx-5-professional/mobile-demo

Take a look at our video tutorial "Making your apps mobile" and see for yourselves how easy it is to generate mobile apps with Intrexx.

If you are still searching for the right business apps, please visit our Intrexx Application Store. With more than hundreds of free and affordable business apps, layouts and templates the Intrexx Application Store is the right place to start.

Top Intrexx Video-Tutorials: Twitter 140 - Microblog

"140" is the Intrexx solution for enterprise microblogging. It enables users to communicate all important information within an Intrexx enterprise portal - as fast and easy as Twitter. Watch the video tutorial below to see how easy it is to "twitter your business" and improve internal communication within your organization.

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Top Intrexx Application Store: Intrexx eProcurement

The Intrexx eProcurement application automates the entire internal purchasing process, whether it be ordering standard office supplies, workplace accessories or even marketing materials. Intrexx helps to make the procurement process transparent and cost-effective. Not only will it help to keep internal debates about ‘what to buy’ to a minimum. It will also help to reduce visits to the stationary supply store, since all orders will now be delivered on request.

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Top Customers: Office of the archbishop in Freiburg - Intrexx supports the coordination of duties.

The office of the archbishop in Freiburg is the administrative headquarters of the Archdiocese Freiburg and houses the church authority of the same name near Freiburg Münster. It is the Episcopal central responsible for all the affairs of the diocesan administration, including maintenance of archives, the ordinariate library and the church properties. The care and preservation of historical monuments - as well as the coordination of finances and staff - are also part of the duties carried out by the office of the archbishop and all are supported by Intrexx.

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