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SAP was developed based on the special requirements of dynamic, ambitious enterprises in the mid-size market segment. The Intrexx portal software has proved itself thousands of times for mid-sized businesses in the same way. It can be quickly implemented and is flexible, easy to adjust, easy to understand, and is intuitively operated.

Portals do not replace solutions like enterprise resource planning or financial management. Much more they provide an environment, within which, separate information sources can be meaningfully linked to one another, regardless of the type of information.

With Intrexx, intranets and enterprise portals can be created with all the functions one requires. Such a portal will reduce costs and errors by using automated processes, and speeds up business activities within the entire chain of value creation. Intrexx includes a process manager, as well as a visual layout and application designer. A user manager, many preconfigured group, collaboration, and document management applications complete this portal software. With this, an effective e-Business can be realized quickly and easily for all areas of an enterprise.

With SAP Business One in combination with Intrexx, highly effective enterprise solutions can be put together with medium-sized budgets. The integrated portal technology makes it possible to consolidate data easily and prepare it for role-based use at the workplace. However, even data from foreign, so-called legacy systems find a place in the program. With it, not only central data from the ERP solution can be accessed with the browser, rather, web-capable applications and forms such as ticketing systems for customer service, article availability and reservation management for the sales department on field assignments, or even intelligent shop solutions for customers and suppliers can be created. This will generate perfect, web-based complete solutions with concrete cost reduction potential for enterprises. Additionally, you will present a new motivational factor for employees that will increase their productivity.

Intrexx contains templates and applications specially developed for SAP Business One. The data from SAP will be available for use in real time in the enterprise portal.

The Adapter for SAP Business One and the portal software, Intrexx, can be downloaded here for free and started immediately. Additionally, you will receive a PDF with detailed installation instructions.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or higher
  • SAP Business One from Version 2004
  • On the Intrexx server, the SAP Business One DI API including Java Connector must be installed (contained on the SAP Business One CD)
Business Integration Adapter for SAP Business One

View of the opportunities in SAP Business One
Real-time access to the Opportunity data in the portal browser


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