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This adapter builds off the technologies recommended by SAP for system integration. The access (read and write) is directed using an Intrexx business logic specially implemented for the purpose of accessing the corresponding SAP system. The access takes place not via direct database accesses, but rather via RFC functions (RFC: Remote Function Call) via the SAP Java Connector.

In this way, even complex portal scenarios can be constructed while including existing SAP backend systems. User interfaces and processes can be created in this way with the innovative Intrexx tools. For access to existing data in an SAP system consisting of tables and views, often no development is required for web-based SAP applications to be created in just a few minutes. For requirements that go further than this, the SAP adapter implements an ABAP expansion concept, so that such requirements can be implemented with your own resources.

All modules in the adapter provide functions for use for personalized access to SAP. This allows, for example, that the SAP user of the logged in portal user comes into use and respects existing SAP rights for this purpose. With this personalized access, the SAP logon ticket procedure will also be supported. Web-capable SAP applications (e.g. WebDynpro, BSP) or the SAP WebGUI can also be included in the Intrexx portal, without requiring one to log in again to the SAP system.

Newsletter registration in the enterprise portal, evaluation in the SAP system
Example: Developer API
Remote: real-time access to shop data

Modules and prices:

View only

With the "View Only" module, data can be integrated from SAP in read-only mode into the portal. This data can be found, for example, in tables, views, or simple SAP reports. This module also supports the combination of the data in SAP (via internal tables in ABAP). In addition, the expansion concept of the adapter may also be used. The functionality is completely integrated into the Intrexx Portal Manager and therefore supports such functions as flexible filtering in Intrexx or the Process Manager. Diverse applications can be created in the Intrexx Portal Manager with the data. From platforms for external customers and suppliers, to evaluations for management, and even internal employee portals. The Intrexx User Manager controls the access rights and ensures regularity and order.

Price: 5,000 EUR

View & Write

With the View & Write module, simple write scenarios and functional calls can be accomplished. Examples of such scenarios are availability checks, price queries from partners, form applications (such as "Assign to SAP user"), or entry of SAP orders or customer work orders from shopping carts constructed in an Intrexx Portal. The View & Write module makes possible the integration of complete Intrexx solutions like "Travel Expenses" or "eProcurement" into SAP processes, in which, for example, the combined and released shopping carts are booked in the corresponding SAP modules (such as an order inquiry, an order, or a customer service request). In addition, for the corresponding SAP BAPI functions, a Groovy script will be generated with the "SAP Groovy Generator", which can then be integrated with the Intrexx Process Manager and transfer the data to SAP in real time. Of course, messages and the invoice numbers of the SAP invoices created will be immediately available in the Intrexx Portal.

Price: 7,500 EUR

Developer API

The Developer API component contains a complex framework for the development of bidirectional scenarios, just as is often the case in projects. Here, data structures and processing logics are already existent in SAP. The Developer API ensures that your own SAP applications can be integrated into the Intrexx portal with little effort. The required portal functions (like read, write, delete) are available in SAP for use in an object-oriented ABAP framework. Individual know-how is not required. Within the Developer API, additional functions are available ("Remote Services"), in order to be able to access the external data of the Intrexx portal from within SAP. With this, for example, data transfer scenarios can be implemented, in which the externally entered data (such as customer feedback) can be collected and procesed in an SAP batch job. So-called replication objects allow the comparison of data in both directions without programming effort. With them, for example, SAP material basic data can be provided to the external portal for use (such as outgoing replications in shop scenarios). With the functions of the developer API, the Studio solution "CRM" can also be connected with the SAP customer base, which requires bidirectional replication processes.

Price: 15,000 EUR

All prices do not include value added tax. We recommend the purchase of a Software Service Contract (SSC). The price of the Software Service Contract is 25% of the license fee and consists of a yearly fee. Full service support is contained in the SSC.

System requirements:

The Intrexx Business Integration Adapters can be used on all SAP systems from 4.6 onwards.

  • SAP R/3 4.6c
  • SAP R/3 Enterprise (4.7)
  • SAP ERP ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0 (or SAP ERP 2004 and SAP ERP 2005)
  • SAP CRM (from 2.0x)
  • SAP BW
  • Additional NetWeaver-based SAP components and industry solutions


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