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The construction kit system for creating content

The dream of every content manager. Create posts and articales via drag & drop with just a few clicks. You can choose from the widest range of editorial components. News can be distributed in an appealing format within the company quickly.

This is exactly what the Content Management System for Intrexx from our Partner ISIFIVE enables.

With the help of a construction kit system, you can create content pages at the drop of a hat. Texts, images and videos can be integrated and positioned flexibly thanks to the content containers. And of course, all of this in responsive design.

Reach your goals quickly with content building blocks


Reach your goals quickly with content building blocks

The application comes with numerous content elements that you can insert however you like with the CMS construction kit. You can integrate the content elements into your page freely or via a template. The sky is the limit.

pietzpluswild GmbH

The Content Management application enables us to create content for our customers in next to no time and in a flexible, responsive and audit-proof manner. Thanks to the integrated in-page editing, the most important functions are available right where we need them.

Michael Pietz, Managing Director

The benefits

Intuitive content editing with the "in-page editing"
Create content from freely selectable editorial components
Position and size of content containers in the responsive grid are freely selectable
Publish and link to your pages directly in the web (without using the Portal Manager)
Audit-proof archiving for all published content
isi5 - Zertifizierter Intrexx Partner
Would you like to know more?

IsiFive developed Content Management System for Intrexx. They are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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