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Connector for IBM Lotus Notes

Connector IBM Lotus Notes

The Connector for IBM Lotus Notes allows you to easily integrate data from IBM Lotus Notes databases in your web based enterprise portal. In real-time. There you can access the data in your applications and include it in your processes. Your employees then access these individually and with the end device of their choice.

For example, delegate tasks to employees that have subsequent actions or, if the task is not completed on time, activate an automatic reminder process. Or you can provide each logged-in user with their own personal data, such as appointments and tasks, in an application. Additionally, you can use the information from the calendar to update your absence list in the portal which all employees have access to.

Lotus Notes Applikation

Your benefits:

  • The Intrexx portal becomes a central platform.
  • No need to switch between different systems.
  • Web and browser enabled processing of Lotus Notes data.
  • Distribute Lotus Notes data across individual web applications and processes
  • Easy and quick to provide web services with notes data.
  • Transfer Lotus Notes data in a Java-based system which doesn't require any Lotus programming knowledge to use.

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