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Intrexx Connector for Microsoft Office 365

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Even though a lot is changing in our modern world, a good relationship is always good for the soul!

That is not just true for couples but also for software users. That is why Intrexx is walking hand in hand with Office 365. This relationship brings the benefits of the widely used Microsoft cloud solution Office 365 to Intrexx. Intrexx users can work collaboratively on documents, and work can be done from almost any end device – that is how a long-distance relationship should work!

The connection between the Intrexx environment and Microsoft Office 365 can be customized for every Intrexx application. The corresponding file field can be created in just a few mouse clicks.

Now, the user can open the file from Intrexx directly in Microsoft Office 365. The connection between the Intrexx environment and the Intrexx user's personal Microsoft Office 365 account is made possible by the OAuth2 protocol. It does not matter which files are stored in Intrexx (Excel, Word or PowerPoint), the correct application is opened in Office 365 automatically. Collaborative working on the same document in real-time is then the order of the day. Office 365 saves the files automatically and thanks to the connector, the files are updated in Intrexx automatically.



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Functions at a glance

  • Save Intrexx documents in Office 365
  • Display Office 365 documents in Intrexx
  • From the Intrexx interface, open or download Office 365 documents in Microsoft's online editor mode.

Your benefits


Open Office files in Microsoft Office 365 directly from the Intrexx interface.


Work collaboratively on documents.


Save time thanks to the connection.


Optimal collaboration between Intrexx and Microsoft Office 365.


Microsoft OneDrive integration included.


Harmonize the strengths of Intrexx and Office 365.

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