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Data integration in record time

Data integration in record time

Speedy. Simple. Smart.

What does that mean?

In an enterprise portal, external data and information from a wide variety of databases or software programs, such as SAP, MS Exchange, MS Office or Lotus Notes, can integrated with read and write access into processes and applications.

This way, the portal serves as a central hub for the various software systems in the company.

Data integration made easy

Why data integration?

  • Using data integration, a uniform data structure and efficient data structure can be developed
  • Merging of various sources on a clear and central platform
  • Simplify your work: information is more readily available and is therefore used more efficiently
  • Avoid data redundancy and guarantee data consistency
  • Simplify business processes immensely

Your solution: Intrexx

No other software can integrate so many software systems as quickly and easily as Intrexx. Capitalize on these benefits!

For example, you can integrate an SAP database (via RFC or OData) in less than 8 minutes in Intrexx and can now process this data from SAP further and even provide it for mobile devices.

Data integration with Intrexx

Plus points

  • Access to a wide range of data in no time
  • Integrate data with read and write access easily
  • Straightforward inclusion of data in web applications and processes
  • Simple to provide data for mobile devices
  • Programming knowledge isn’t needed
  • Provided wizards are easy to follow and understand

Connectors for Intrexx

  • ABACUS Business Software
  • OData
  • Web services
  • And many more ...

“Whereas our employees used to have to make several phone calls to get information from various locations, now the portal provides this at the press of a button.”

Jürgen Buschau, IT Manager of Zahoransky AG

Zahoransky AG

Case study: Zahoransky AG

Link your data with the enterprise portal

Zahoransky AG created a cross-location portal with the software, Intrexx Professional. The portal is used for internal administration, such as appointments, resource planning, newsletters, announcements, quality management, and document management of patents. Data from the ERP system from logistics, stock and purchasing is also integrated as CAD, bookkeeping and CRM data. Beyond that, it is used to merge important financial and company data from various departments, locations, and software systems.

Case Study: Boehringer Ingelheim

Case study: Boehringer Ingelheim

Global SAP access with Intrexx

A web shop solution reads catalogues, products and prices, which are individually tailored to the user, from SAP and displays these. Orders and simulated and automatically written to SAP. Customers, sales reps and service providers can create and track orders or returns in real time and have access to all invoices. Using tables, the sales reps can put together orders while with customers or manage the customer’s data.

You’d like to discover more about data integration with Intrexx? Then get in contact with us and let us advise you personally.

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