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Digital workplace with Intrexx

Digital Workplace

The freedom to work when and where you want

The Digital Workplace enables work to be performed independent of time and location. Your employees are freer to decide what's best for them and are therefore more effective. The workplace of the future is where you employees are - in the train, at home or at the beach. Discover the Digital Workplace for your company.

Your Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace enables time and location-independent working. All information in one location, accessible from anywhere. Employees work with greater motivation and efficiency. The Digital Workplace with Intrexx. Restart

Extranet brings extra value

Your Digital Workplace doesn't just have to be for internal use. It also simplifies your collaboration with partners. And you have total control over who is allowed to access which features and information. Next

Availability – your office is wherever you are

With the aid of the Digital Workplace, you can access the required information and data required at any time and wherever you are. Everything on one platform and without long searching times. Everything is available to your at any time - regardless of whether you're on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Next

Collaboration – teamwork makes the dream work

Social collaboration promotes teamwork between your employees. Even cross-departmental topics can be discussed thanks to the rapid communication. Content and documents can be shared more easily with colleagues. Next

Applications – your personal dashboard

With applications, the Digital Workplace can be precisely adjusted to your needs. For this, ready-made applications can be implemented or custom applications can be created. This enables you to create a highly usable and appealing workplace for the users. Next

Processes – work more efficiently and effectively

Digitalizing processes makes procedures simpler, faster and less prone to errors. Numerous processes can even be completely automated - making work more efficient. For the users, this means more clarity and structure in their daily work. Next

Data integration – all information in one view

The first step to the Digital Workplace is the seamless integration of the existing data. The users don't need to switch between different programs be can find all the information they need on one platform and in a clear manner. Next

Backend - The basic framework of the Digital Workplace

The programs already available form the basic framework of the Digital Workplace - such as the ERP or even CRM system. These don't need to be removed. Based on this foundation, the Digital Workplace provides the employees with an attractive and clear working interface. Next

"Digital Workplace" whitepapers

In our whitepapers about the "Digital Workplace", you'll discover what a Digital Workplace is, the benefits it provides and how you can set one up. The whitepapers are available to download for free.
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