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With the low-code platform Intrexx, you can create applications yourself precisely as you wish. For many scenarios, however, you can also simply fall back on our ready-made solutions. These applications were developed by us and our partners with Intrexx and are ready for immediate use. If necessary, you can of course still make adjustments to tailor the solutions exactly to your needs. These solutions from the Intrexx universe are just waiting to be discovered by you!

Internal communication

Giving employees the opportunity to shape internal company processes is now a crucial part of any successful business strategy – employees want to be involved, they want to have their say, and they want to be taken seriously. Take a look at some of the solutions for today’s workplace:


Every admin team has always dreamed of efficient administrative procedures. Digitalizing your workflows will help keep your business in sync and allow you to work considerably faster. Discover the out-of-the-box solutions from our partners:

Quality Management

Ongoing quality management is essential for businesses looking to deliver higher-quality products and more effective customer service. Suitable tools can help you make the most from your audits. So don’t leave quality to chance – our Quality Management suite will put you in control:

Field Service

Digital tools make it easy to plan, manage and carry out service and maintenance calls, and give your sales team all the information they need at their fingertips, no matter where they are and which devices they’re using. Take a look at the ready-to-use solution from our partner:


Incoming data are at the heart of any company’s digital transformation, as the insights you gain from the data give you a key competitive advantage. Check out our controlling solution:


Using out-of-the-box digital solutions to track transportation, procurement, storage, delivery and distribution of goods will give you much more efficient logistics. Find out more about the solution from our partner:

Sales and marketing

An extranet will take your business to the next level: A clear, user-friendly platform is the best way to integrate your customers and partners into your sales processes. Plus, it’s the quickest and most effective way for your marketing team to let stakeholders know about new developments. 

Personnel management

Make more time for what matters most: The people at your business. Whether it’s finding the brightest talents, onboarding, handling digital personnel files, calculating travel costs or reporting sick, low-code helps you create the right applications for your business.


With Intrexx, you can automate every aspect of your purchasing process. Create information networks for your staff, find out what you need, and make your pricing more effective. Real-time access to all relevant data will help you make the right decisions.

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