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Bundesliga Prediction Game 2020/2021

for Intrexx

Essential: Bundesliga Prediction Game 2020/2021
Who will be the Bundesliga champion in 2020/2021? How will newcomers fare in the top league? With our prediction game, you get the excitement of the Bundesliga right in your intranet!
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The ultimate kick

The Bundesliga Prediction Game brings extra gaming fun to the new Bundesliga season. With this classic from the intranet games, encourage interaction between colleagues in a playful manner and increase the team spirit in your company incidentally.
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Define the points yourself

Decide how many points are awarded for a win, lose or draw. Configure the prediction game however you’d like.
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It's all mobile as well

Your colleagues can even submit their predictions using their smartphone and tablet PC. This means that sales representatives in the field also have the opportunity to get involved. If you forget to make a prediction in the office, you can do it conveniently from home or while travelling.
Essential: Bundesliga - benefits

Your benefits

  • Ultimate prediction game fun
  • Increase the team spirit
  • Don’t miss a prediction thanks to the reminder
  • Make predictions at any time thanks to the mobile interface
  • No insular solutions for the prediction game

Important information about the application

Included languages
German, English
German, English

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