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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. An image gallery in Intrexx can tell an entire story. So don’t just put your pictures in the right light but also your entire statement.

The Image Gallery for Intrexx lets you create any number of galleries and upload any number of images – even from your smartphone.

And so that your images are well organized, arrange your albums into categories. You can use the comment function to explain the graphics and pictures.
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Upload images via drag & drop

Upload selected images or a compressed ZIP file - even from your smartphone.
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Clear structure

Categorize your image galleries and give them a structure that is clear and easy to understand.
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More information with the comment function

Make it even easier for your colleagues to understand the content of your photos/graphics by adding a description for each image.
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Your benefits

  • Create galleries at the drop of a hat - even from mobile devices
  • Link the app to Share via the integrated plugin
  • Provide a detailed description of each image using the comment function
  • The rating function gives your comments the chance to show their support

Important information about the application

Runs on all current Intrexx versions
Included languages
German, English

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