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The application, Password request for Intrexx - developed by PortalConsult GmbH, enables users to request a new password. If the submitted User ID is registered in the portal, a confirmation email will be sent to the specified user’s email address. This email enables the generation of a new, secure password.
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Password request

The users can request a new password by entering their user name. If it is registered in the portal and there is an associated email address, a confirmation email with the request link will be sent to this address. By clicking on the link in the mail, a new, secure password will be generated and sent.
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The user’s preferred language is taken into account

The default language defined for the user is taken into account in the entire application and emails.
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The administrator can view all password requests as a list. The administrator can also specify whether a locked user account should be unlocked automatically after the password has been changed successfully. This leads to a noticeable unburdening of the administrators.
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Your benefits

  • Increase user-friendliness
  • Unburden the portal administrators
  • High transparency

Important information about the application

System requirements
Runs on all current Intrexx versions
Included languages
German, English
Developed by
PortalConsult GmbH
PortalConsult GmbH
Im Birket 20
D-82166 Gräfelfing

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