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Essential: User Self Service App
With the application "User Self Service" for Intrexx users can register in the portal, log in and retrieve forgotten passwords themselves in their company as it is a B2B or B2C environment. The amount of time waiting on the registration of a new user (employee, partner and customer) and the administrative effort is spared, which then provides for a significant increase in efficiency.
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Users can register themselves

Users can register themselves on the portal. With this the registration mask is complete and subsequently a verification email is sent to the registered person. The time consuming, manual entry will therefore no longer be required.
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Automatic allocation of user groups

In the applications administration it can be specified which user groups from the Intrexx user administration should be allocated newly registered users. One can then simplify drastically the assignment of permissions in the portal.
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Password recovery

If users forget their password, users can request a new one themselves through providing the information of either their email address or their username. Administrative time will be significantly spared.
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Your benefits

  • The user can register themselves in the portal
  • Less administrative effort required
  • Greater usability
  • Higher security standards

Important information about the application

Runs on all current Intrexx versions
Included languages
German, English

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