Your first steps with myIntrexx2B

How to manage your PaaS system with the Intrexx Portable Manager

Erste Schritte mit myIntrexx - First Steps

Download, installation & setup

How to connect the Intrexx Portable Manager to your PaaS trial system

myIntrexx2B - Portable Manager Download
Step 1:

Once you have logged in to your myIntrexx2B demo portal, click on "Help" and then "Download Portable Manager" from the navigation menu. Select your operating system and download the corresponding file.

Alternatively, the email with your login credentials contains a link to the corresponding page of your demo portal.

Start the Intrexx Portable Portal Manager [EN]
Step 2:

Once the dowload is complete, unpack the ZIP file and execute the setup file it contains.

Do not connect to a portal server for now
Step 3:

If the “Change Intrexx portal server” dialog appears, please click on “Cancel”.

If you are still connected to a different server or logged in to a portal, please log out now.

myIntrexx Portable Manager
Step 4:
  1. Connect to your personal PaaS test system by clicking on “Log in to portal”.
  2. Enter the login details you received via email for your personal PaaS system.
    Port 443 is used for the connection.
  3. Simply click on “Finish” and you will be connected to your test system.
Nothing's stopping you now: Implement your ideas and requirements quickly and easily.

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