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Industry 4.0 with Intrexx

Industry 4.0

The showcase

Industry 4.0 promises many benefits. But often, the specific tools are missing. A showcase from United Planet and SICK AG demonstrates how to interlink production using portal software:

Industrie 4.0 Showcase

United Planet and SICK AG demonstrate Industry 4.0

In a co-innovation project, the portal specialist, United Planet, and the technology leader in sensor engineering, SICK AG, have created an example of implementation for industry 4.0 scenarios. The symbiosis of sensors and software forms a platform upon which use cases individual to the industry can be modelled.

The production simulation demonstrates an example of an interlinked production process – from ordering via manufacturing through to quality assurance and customer service. This should be a clear demonstration as to how innovative sensor technology can be combined with the portal framework, Intrexx, to facilitate a 360-degree view of the production.

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