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Industry 4.0

Networked production with low-code

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Industry 4.0 stands for the networking of production, logistics and customers.

Big goals are in sight: The production of the future is intelligent, flexible, efficient and sustainable.

The digital interconnection improves collaboration, coordination and transparency - not just across company departments but also along the entire supply and value-added chain.

Digital systems enable the production to almost organize itself: Man, machine and products communicate directly with one another. Advanced sensor technology and innovative Industry 4.0 software form the basis for this.

Create your smart factory

With Industry 4.0, you can keep track of all of your processes. This enables you to respond to changes in the market more quickly and with greater flexibility. You can address individual customer wishes, plan predictive maintenance and automate, for example, raw material orders.

The benefits

The benefits of Industry 4.0 are obvious: The improved interconnection of products and machines

increases efficiency and saves resources
  improves collaboration
  facilitates new products and services
  makes companies more flexible and smart

Your solution: Intrexx Industrial

Intrexx Industrial - Your tool for Industry 4.0

With Intrexx Industrial, you have the solution for your Industry 4.0 project at your fingertips. Regardless of whether you want to make a smart factory a reality or start with smaller use cases. Intrexx Industrial comes with ready-to-go applications for standard cases so that you can get started right away.
Intrexx Industrial [BG]

“We were able to set up the Montana Digital World in next to no time with Intrexx. The platform is extremely flexible – we are able to provide our customers with a decisive added value and adjust the platform to market requirements as we need to in the future.”

 Knoll Firmengruppe GmbH; Frank Steinhoff

Case studies

Successful companies tell “uncovered” about their Industry 4.0 solutions that were implemented successfully with Intrexx Industrial. Alongside detailed analyses, specialists provide an insight into the fascinating work with modern technologies to digitalize companies with Intrexx.
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