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Create a comprehensive overall process from single production stages.

Thanks to modern software, customers and suppliers can be incorporated in any and every process. This dovetailing with external sources in the production facilitates apposite coordination between everybody involved.

Today, industry 4.0 is no longer just a fictional future concept. In times of rapidly changing markets, competitive advantages have to be generated through faster and thus efficient and flexible manufacturing.

Interconnection thanks to industry 4.0 opens doors to

Icon Smart products

Smart products

During the production of new products, it is not just the machines that communicate with one another but also the individual components. In this way, specialists can intervene deliberately if there are problems and repair malfunctions quickly. Fast and networked manufacturing opens new doors in the way we manufacture - flexible adjustments to create individual products at low cost are possible as a result.
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New areas of business

Thanks to networked production and the incorporation of customers and suppliers, resources can be saved. As well as time, the more efficient value chain saves energy and costs. This makes room for new areas of business: For example, customers can directly specify which product features they would like by communicating their wishes straight to the shop floor.
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Multi-faceted data integration

By integrating standardized interfaces (such as MQTT), data from various machines and sensors is collected, analyzed and forwarded. This data is presented graphically and can therefore be used in communication between employees. Or it is analyzed automatically and triggers processes - such as to order a replacement part or send a notification to the supervisor.
Icon key figures

Key figures provide clarity

The OEE figures (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) provide an overview of the whole facility's effectiveness. Thus, an Andon board can be used to depict the current production status. A machine logbook enables companies to provide logs for long-term analyses, among other things.
Icon quality improvement chart

Tangible quality improvement

Once the interaction between automation, data integration and the depiction and analysis of key figures is provided for, there is great potential for tangible quality improvement. And with that, it does not matter if a company is looking to increase product quality or customer incorporation - the interconnection of industry 4.0 gives you everything you need.

The potential of industry 4.0

Create your smart factory

With a smart factory, you can keep track of all of your processes. This enables you to respond to changes in the market more quickly and with greater flexibility. You can address individual customer wishes (customer self service), plan predictive maintenance and automate, for example, raw material orders. This reduces operational costs considerably and is therefore conducive to maximizing profits.

Intrexx gives me the ability to bring the worlds together, to model processes as middleware, and to connect machines. With Intrexx, I'm not only in a position to employ Java programmers, but also to design the transitions and data exchange between the different levels. It provides huge benefits in terms of flexibility and speed when it comes to implementing applications.

Frank Steinhoff, COO/CTO, Managing Director, Executive board

The solution: Make industry 4.0 a reality with Intrexx

With Intrexx, you have the solution for your Industry 4.0 project at your fingertips. Regardless of whether you want to network your entire production, connect customers and suppliers or start with smaller use cases, the low-code development platform allows you to design your individual smart factory.

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