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Industry 4.0 in powder snow

Sharp skis thanks to the cloud

Montana Digital Service

MONTANA Digital World – this is the digital server that Ernst Knoll Feinmechanik GmbH is offering their customers with its ski grinding machines. The operator of the interconnected grinding robots receive information about pending service appointments and the status of the consumable materials in the digital cockpit. They can access the information securely with their smartphone - from anywhere in the world. The Industry 4.0 portal was created with the help of the development platform Intrexx. This visualizes the current machine workload in real-time.

From chain manufacturer to Industry 4.0 service provider

RUD Ketten

Implemented manufacturing equipment must be checked on a yearly basis. This is time-consuming and expensive. The industrial chains from the manufacturer RUD Ketten are included in this. For this reason, the company developed a digital solution for the checking process: Every piece of manufacturing equipment is uniquely labelled with RFID chips. These are then tracked and managed end-to-end via a service platform. The Industry 4.0 cloud solution, based on the software Intrexx, simplifies the checking procedure decisively.

Do you have to produce a smart factory out of thin air? No! Industry 4.0 can also start small. The key to Industry 4.0 is that machines communicate with machines. Or more precisely: The data from various machines and sensors are gathered, analyzed and transferred automatically.

The key is having the right software. Intrexx.

More about Intrexx
Industry 4.0

Why Industry 4.0?

In short, with Industry 4.0, companies are able to keep track of entire processes. This allows them to react to changes in the market more quickly and flexibly. They meet individual customer requirements, plan servicing appointments with foresight or automate raw material orders, for example.

The benefits of Industry 4.0 are apparent: The improved interconnection of products and machines

  • increases efficiency and saves resources
  • improves collaboration
  • facilitates new products and services
  • makes companies more flexible and smart

Your solution: Intrexx

Intrexx makes Industry 4.0 possible for SMEs

Intrexx enables you to integrate data from machines into applications, processes and even directly into the communication. The interconnection provides you with greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Award-winning Industry 4.0 Project

United Planet GmbH has received an award from the Secretary of Commerce and
Labor Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut for its Industry 4.0 Lighthouse Project.
Intrexx is the low-code development platform for Industry 4.0 portals.
This creates added value both for its users and customers.
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