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Solution: Intranet

The intranet – the digital business center

From bulletin board to fully connected Digital Workplace

What is an intranet?

Quite simply, an intranet or enterprise portal is a protected website. Only authorized persons have access to this. The most common use is the company intranet. It serves to support the company-internal processes. The employees can access it from their own workstation. With the aid of a virtual private network (VPN), they can also access it from outside of the office. If certain individuals outside of the network have password-protected access, this is referred to as an extranet..

The development of the intranet

Intranet – past and present

Classical intranets are primarily used for the information for employees. The information is often arranged hierarchically. This means that users can read editorial posts but cannot comment on or share them. This can be pictured like a “digital bulletin board”.

Modern enterprise portals can achieve even more than that.

These perform many more functions – beyond the information. This ranges from document management via digitalization from business processes through to the improvement of teamwork using social collaboration.

The Digital Workplace - the workplace of tomorrow

The intranet as a Digital Workplace

A modern intranet gathers all work processes and information together on one platform. It is a user-oriented work environment for the employees.

In this way, they gain from the advantages of digital transformation: simple information exchange and easy access to important functions. All of this without the frustration of switching applications. If required, they can be mobile and accessed from any end device.

At the Digital Workplace, work together like never before in a virtual space. You can share documents and exchange information – across locations and departments.


What does a modern intranet provide?

Information management with Intrexx


Information is provided and distributed within the framework of the business’s internal communication. Employees receive current information about their work and the company-related subjects.
Teamwork and Collaboration


Using social media features, employees can interact and exchange ideas directly and informally. They discover similarities and find experts for all sorts of questions.
Collaboration with Intrexx


In virtual meeting rooms, employees can work together – both task and project oriented. Documents and information are administrated centrally and are available in a convenient manner.

Digitalize processes

Business processes performed regularly (e.g. travel expense settlement, invoice approval etc.) can be modelled digitally in applications. Processes are performed more speedily and straightforwardly.
Data Integration

Integrate data

Using interfaces, information from further software programs can be merged together in the intranet. This improves their availability and means insular solutions are a thing of the past.
Promote the corporate identity with Intrexx


Thanks to the intranet, employees can be inducted quickly and identify themselves with the company. The employee portal is the first point of call for information and their “digital home”.

Your solution: Intrexx

With Intrexx, you can create an intranet more easily than with any other solution.
It doesn’t matter if you need social media features or a document management system – you choose the functions you need and add them to your portal.

"Intrexx enabled us to introduce our intranet very quickly. 3 years ago, I didn’t know what an intranet is capable of, today, I program most of the applications myself. And all of this as a biologist without any programming knowledge. I can also implement the smallest suggestions immediately with Intrexx; this guarantees high acceptance."

Ulrike Berger, Head of the Alexander Bürkle Academy

Case Study Alexander-Bürkle

Case study: Alexander Bürkle

From 0 to intranet in 8 months. With no IT knowledge.

The aim of introducing the intranet was to improve the communication and information exchange between employees and also between branches and the main office.
In the case study, read about how the intranet also simplified and unified administration processes!

You’d like to modernize your intranet or go straight to the digital workplace?

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