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The intranet

Co-workers become a team

Intranet Software

What is an intranet?

The intranet is conducive to supporting internal company processes. Only the employees in the company have access to the intranet. Individual permissions can be assigned for each user so that they only see what they are allowed to.

While intranets simply communicated general information in the past, employees can now help shape the communication themselves in a modern intranet. Documents are stored transparently, internal processes run automatically and with a social intranet, content is shared with colleagues even faster and easier.

So that customers and partners can also be provided with access to files and information, an extranet can be implemented. In a similar fashion to the intranet, permissions can be assigned so that information is only disclosed to those who it is intended for.

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What is a modern intranet capable of?


Information is provided and distributed within the framework of the business’s internal communication. Employees receive current information about their work and the company-related subjects.


Using social media features, employees can interact and exchange ideas directly and informally. They discover similarities and find experts for all sorts of questions.


In virtual meeting rooms, employees can work together – both task-oriented and project-oriented. Documents and information are administrated centrally and are available in a convenient manner.

Digitalization of processes

Business processes performed regularly (e.g. travel expense settlements, invoice approvals etc.) can be modelled digitally in applications. Processes are performed more speedily and straightforwardly.

Integration of data

Using interfaces, information from further software programs can be merged together in the intranet. This improves their availability and means insular solutions are a thing of the past.


Thanks to the intranet, employees can be inducted quickly and identify with the company. The employee portal is the first point of call for information and their “digital home”.

From the intranet to the digital workplace

You gain from the advantages of digital transformation: simple information exchange and easy access to important functions - even while mobile and from any end device as required.

At the digital workplace, work together like never before in a virtual space. You can share documents and exchange information – across locations and departments.

The benefits

Individual assignment of permissions  
Secure and speedy document exchange  
Important information up-to-date and at a glance  
Cross-departmental applications  
Improved collaboration

Intranet Display

Your solution: Intrexx

With Intrexx, you can create an intranet more easily than with any other solution.

It doesn’t matter if you need social media features or a document management system – you choose the functions you need and add them to your portal.
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Intrexx in Action #1
"3 years ago, I didn’t know what an intranet is capable of, today, I program most of the applications myself. And all of this as a biologist without any programming knowledge. I can also implement the smallest suggestions immediately with Intrexx; this guarantees high acceptance."

Ulrike Berger, Head of the Alexander Bürkle Academy

Case studies

Successful companies tell “Uncovered” about their intranet solutions with the digital workplace software Intrexx. Alongside detailed analyses, specialists provide an insight into the fascinating work with modern technologies to digitalize companies with Intrexx.
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