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The two worlds of Intrexx

The 2 worlds of Intrexx: The Portal Manager

The Intrexx back end

The low-code development platform to shape your requirements however you like.
With the Intrexx Portal Manager, trained experts can effortlessly implement almost any requirement for applications and automation in the back end. Thanks to low-code and many predefined connectors, this can often be done in a comparatively short time using only drag & drop. In addition, changes can be made at any time to applications that have already been published, without having to install updates on every computer in the company.

The web front end

The user interface of your employees, customers, partners and suppliers.
Using the web front end, the created Intrexx portal is made available to its intended audience. Here, employees, customers, partners, and suppliers can log in and access all parts of the Intrexx portal that they have permission to access. There are hardly any limits to the type of applications and automations here. From simple document or quality management to a social business platform and production line monitoring, almost anything is possible with Intrexx.
The 2 worlds of Intrexx: The web front end

And this is what the two worlds look like

Application Designer 2020 EN
In the Intrexx Portal Manager, you create applications via drag & drop thanks to the easy-to-use low-code "Applications" module.
Process Designer 2020 EN
In the Intrexx Portal Manager, you create automated processes with just a few clicks and increase productivity as a result, thanks to the low-code "Processes" module.
Screenshot Layout Designer EN
In the Intrexx Portal Manager you can adapt existing and new applications graphically to your ideas in just a few minutes thanks to the low-code "Design" module.
Dashboard demo portal - screenshot
Your portal's homepage provides you with personalized widgets so that you can keep an eye on what's important right away.
myIntrexx Projects EN
In the individual applications (Image: Projects) you collaborate with colleagues, suppliers, partners and/or customers.

Enjoy numerous advantages thanks to Intrexx in the cloud

Security Icon 2021


Best data protection! Save your data on your server and behind your own firewall.
Up-To-Date Icon 2021

Up to date

Always up to date thanks to regularly installed online updates.
Availability Icon 2021


Full access to all functions in the browser and on any end device - anywhere in the world.
Flexibility Icon 2021


Maximum flexibility through customizations and freely reservable resources.
Future proof Icon 2021


Continuous improvement of the cloud version for all your requirements of tomorrow.

It's easy and quick to start developing with Intrexx

First steps in the Portable Manager
How to create your first application
More tutorials are available here.

Hosted in Germany

Data center

ISO 20000

ISO 27001

ISO 9001

Secure data center in Germany. Certified to ISO20000 (Service Management), ISO 27001 (Security Management), and ISO 9001 (Quality Management).

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