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More time for what's important through user-friendly software that perfectly organizes all processes in your company. Immediately ready for use – quickly effective.

What is possible with Intrexx Compact?

Intrexx distributes information reliably.

With Intrexx Compact, you are given a modern enterprise portal that ensures valuable knowledge from colleagues, customers, and suppliers are saved centrally and distributed in a targeted way. This gives each employee, corresponding to their rights, constant access to current data sheets, price lists, correspondence, etc. An ingenious search engine can find all pieces of information in the powerful database in a flash. The only tool you require is a browser or an intelligent mobile phone (Blackberry, iPhone or similar).

Intrexx creates order and saves you from drowning in paper.

Intrexx Compact organizes your firm in a completely new and revolutionary way. For example, with Intrexx you can comprehensively manage your customer relations, or create sales receipts quickly and easily. Appointments, events, and resources (such as conference rooms) can be managed just as transparently as contracts and service schedules. Intrexx will support you in a multitude of ways in your daily work.

Intrexx unleashes the potential of your business

Intrexx Compact coordinates and automates the processes of your company. This saves you time and allows you to care about matters that are truly important. At the same time, your new enterprise portal gives you the assurance that your team can work successfully ahead, even if a colleague cannot be present. Last but not least, Intrexx, with its built-in process management, ensures a high degree of productivity and reliability.

Start immediately

Install, done...

You require no expensive specialists to set up Intrexx. Simply insert the installation DVD and follow the instructions. Thanks to numerous ready-made applications, your new enterprise portal will be ready for use in a half an hour. You can work with the most important productivity applications right away, and bit by bit create additional applications and forms, or download them from the Intrexx Application Store.

Open for customization

Every enterprise has their own unique processes, which is why companies often have software created to their own specifications. This is expensive, and not infrequently brings high risks with it. It is in exactly this area that Intrexx strikes a new path. With the integrated layout tools, it is very easy to add new fields and evaluations to existing applications, or even create completely new applications. In a short period of time, you will learn how to adjust your own invoice form, develop your own incoming post records, or automatically send a reminder eMail to a colleague.

Flexible expansion

Download additional solutions with a click

In the Intrexx Application Store, you can find hundreds of free or cost-based enterprise applications for use, which you can add to your enterprise portal with just a few clicks. And every day, new applications and forms are added to the list. Every application that you buy can be implemented after only a few minutes, as no installation is required on the computers of the users. With this, you will tailor-make for yourself the enterprise software you need.

Treat yourself to your own software

We are of the opinion that your enterprise software should adjust itself for your company – and not the other way around. Because of this, with Intrexx you have the ability to very easily drag new edit fields, view tables, charts, and graphics with the mouse to a desired location. You will define rights with the use of comfortable dialogs. Naturally, you can make your enterprise portal fit the corporate design of your company completely and fully – with logo, company colors, and font. Classical, modern, or futuristic – the choice is up to you.

Integrate existing programs with just a few clicks

You are already using enterprise software, which you use to create invoices or take care of your bookkeeping? And now you want to integrate information from your existing data stock into your enterprise portal, as well as perhaps create new applications? With Intrexx, no problem! An easy-to-use assistant helps you to read from the database of an existing program and transfer it to a browser-based Intrexx application. With Intrexx, you can even write back into the original source.

Integrate Microsoft Office

With the optionally available Intrexx Office Module, you can seamlessly integrate Microsoft Office documents into your enterprise portal. From MS Office programs like Word or Excel, you can access documents that are managed in the enterprise portal, or open a required Office file from the portal. With this tool, you can organize your Office files just as easily as efficiently. This creates previously unimaginable possibilities for you in the area of productive teamwork.


United Planet Care

United Planet offers various support models that will provide quick help to you, in the event that difficulties should arise. Because in order to ensure the success of your business, you cannot allow for outages.

With a support or service contract, you will receive support and active service from experienced Intrexx experts, who have worked closely with the development department for years. This will ensure the highest degree of reliability, security, and availability.

Intrexx Live! Forum

Discuss with other users and experts about advanced techniques when creating applications. If creating an application just isn’t working like you imagine it should, other Intrexx users should be able to help you quickly.

United Planet certified Partners

Select a United Planet Partner in your area, and receive qualified support in implementing your individual requirements.

All partners have been educated by United Planet, in order to offer the best possible service to you.

Intrexx Academy

Our academy has successfully transmitted knowledge for several years to many locations. Competent and experienced trainers will introduce you in an easy-to-understand way to the topic of portals, making you an Intrexx professional in the shortest possible time. The seminars deal with all kinds of technical topics, and are designed for both absolute "greenhorns" as well as "old hands".

Intrexx grows with your company

The whole company starts immediately.

Intrexx Compact is the complete package for the entire company. The starter package with two user licenses is available at just 275 €. This translates into 55 € per workstation. This is not a repeating fee; rather, it is a one-time payment. And: all additional software programs, such as database and web server, are already contained on the DVD. With them, additional license costs are eliminated.

Do you require licenses for more than five PC workstations? No problem! The Expansion licenses only cost 55 € per User. You can receive Intrexx from our authorized partners, in specialty stores, or directly from the Intrexx Application Store.

All prices do not include the legal value added tax. The maximum number of users of an installation of Intrexx Compact is 10 users. This means that only one instance of the license packages “Start” and five Expansion licenses may be installed and run at one time.

Upgrade anytime

When your company grows, or your requirements increase, and you require more than 10 user licenses, simply switch to Intrexx Professional. This edition is unlimited in the number of maximum available user licenses. Naturally, you may retain your existing applications.

Buy Intrexx

Intrexx costs less than a good technical book per employee

For a one-time licensing fee, you will receive a complete enterprise portal with over 50 powerful web applications and templates. Furthermore, with Intrexx you will receive an easy-to-use piece of portal sofware for the rapid creation and adjustment of applications (also mobile ones), processes, and the ability to integrate data from existing systems. Numerous application templates are already contained in the software; you will find many hundreds more enterprise applications in the Intrexx Application Store.

Name Contents Price
Intrexx Compact – Start 5 User Licenses 275 Euros
Intrexx Compact – Expansion License 1 User License 55 Euros

Important: Intrexx Compact is an edition for small businesses with a maximum of 10 PC workstations. A maximum of one Starter and 5 Expansion licenses (total: 10 licenses) may be purchased and run per enterprise. Intrexx Compact cannot be further expanded. For enterprises with more than 10 PC workstations, we recommend Intrexx Professional. All prices are in Euro and do not include VAT.

You can get Intrexx at better specialty stores, from our certified partners, or directly from United Planet. This way to our shop.

You can use Intrexx Compact in two minutes

Immediately after completing the order, you will receive your license key, with which you can immediately use Intrexx and get started right away.

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