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Video Description Duration
The Enterprise Portal - Part 1 Start here. This tutorial gives you a quick overview of the enterprise portal included with Intrexx Professional and an introduction to the extensive customization options. 4:42
The Enterprise Portal - Part 2 Details on the applications included in the enterprise portal 4:16
Creating your own applications Learn how to create your own applications with Intrexx using a basic library as an example 6:35
Making your applications mobile See how easy it is to create a mobile interface for the library you created in the last tutorial. 6:37
Business Adapter for Microsoft Office This video tutorial shows you how easy it is to integrate presentations, Office documents, Sales Analysis or protocols in your enterprise portal. 3:41
Business Adapter for Microsoft Exchange Integrate arbitrary data and services from Microsoft Exchange into your enterprise portal with Intrexx Adapter for Microsoft Exchange. 5:52
Business Adapter for SAP Make your ERP data web-enabled - accessing your SAP data from Intrexx is easy. 6:12
Intrexx OData Business Adapter This video tutorial shows you how easy it is to use the adapter to integrate data via SAP Netweaver Gateway into the company portal and to display and edit it in a user-friendly way on a web interface. 6:02
Automating workflows with processes Automate your business processes with Intrexx Professional - this video shows you how to design a process flow. 4:35
Layout Design Create appealing web layouts with stunning visual effects for your enterprise portal. 4:27
Permissions This tutorial shows you how to control the access permissions for an application and it's data. 3:48
140 - Microblog "140" is the Intrexx solution for enterprise microblogging. It enables users to communicate all important information within an Intrexx enterprise portal -- as fast and easy as Twitter. 5:54

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