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A whole bunch of out-of-the-box solutions

The Application Store is full to the brim...

with ready-to-use applications, and the best part is: the applications can easily be customized to your requirements.
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Social collaboration & internal communication

Intrexx Share, the social collaboration application for Intrexx, which is specially designed for companies with 50 to 50,000 employees, improves location-independent communication significantly.
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Document management

With the DMS for Intrexx, manage your company documents and make sense of the chaos once and for all. After just a few weeks, long searches for documents and files will finally be a thing of the past.
CMS Applikation

Content Management System for Intrexx

With the CMS application, creating complex content pages for your Intrexx Portal is child's play thanks to the content building blocks. You can insert texts, images and videos as you need. The sky is the limit.
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Or create your own applications with ease

... thanks to low-code development!

Via drag & drop, you can put together view and edit elements and buttons quickly and easily in the graphical user interface enabling you to create high-performance applications in record time. Furthermore, the included templates can be customized to your needs in no time, speeding up  application creation time immensely.

Step 1

Identify the application requirements

Step 2

Open the Portal Manager and start immediately

Step 3

Low-code development: Click click - done!

Step 4

Publish your application

Individual - Professional - Fast

That's Intrexx!

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