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Are you IT savvy but wouldn’t call yourself a programmer? Then you’ve got what it takes to be a citizen developer! As an employee, and as someone who uses your systems every day, you know the workflows and problems at your business better than anyone else.

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Developing without a coding background

Many businesses overload their IT systems. Intrexx can help: Low-code makes it quicker and simpler to develop digital applications, and you don’t have to be an expert programmer. Even without a background in IT, citizen developers can make a big difference.

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Customize your applications

Make your applications suit you as the user – not the other way round. Get your colleagues in the specialist departments involved from the start and develop applications suited to your exact everyday workflows.

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Why not build an app in 30 minutes that streamlines your everyday workflows? Intrexx can make that dream a reality!

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Anwender: Digitalisierung aktiv mitgestalten

Play your part in digitalization

A step-by-step digital transformation

Digitalization isn’t a stand-alone project – it’s an ongoing process. There are bound to be lots of areas in your business that aren’t as efficient and productive as they could be. As an employee, you know these areas best and which of them are most urgently in need of optimization. Even without programming expertise, citizen developers can play their part: Drag & drop allows you to visualize entire processes as digital workflows, and smart applications will help your business work more efficiently. 

From idea to implementation in no time
As a citizen developer, you are both the developer and the user. That makes lots of things easier: Instead of explaining the problem to external programmers, you can focus on developing your own solutions. No more lengthy briefings, specification sheets and feedback loops – you save lots of time and stress, and your business saves money. 

Low-code: The smart alternative to Excel
For many businesses, Excel is the tool of choice when you need to work fast as it’s easy to collect data and run calculations. But when things get complicated, Excel’s limitations become clear. If you’ve frequently been driven to despair by the Excel workarounds you’ve had to come up with, Intrexx is the smart alternative: As a citizen developer, low-code allows you to visualize complex processes and relationships, and access to data is just a few clicks away. Unlike in Excel, you don’t need to worry about interdependencies between linked cells.
Anwender: Entwickeln ohne Coding-Background

Developing without a coding background

The fast way to create useful applications
With Intrexx, most applications are created using drag & drop: It’s the fast way to assemble various building blocks, such as input fields, buttons, tables, charts and filters. An app created using drag & drop can make your business much more productive, as instead of bothering your IT department or having to ask external programmers for help, you can take matters into your own hands and develop useful applications for your everyday work.

Become a citizen developer step by step
You don’t have to do everything at once! Our top tip: Start with an easily manageable issue. Low-code will quickly help you find solutions with specific benefits for your business. Then you can use your initial experience with low-code to stretch yourself and tackle more complex problems. 

Helping you every step of the way
You’re not on your own as you become a citizen developer. Our “First steps with Intrexx” page is packed with resources and the concentrated expertise of other citizen developers, which might just give you inspiration for new projects or help you solve a specific problem you’re having. The resources can be found here
Anwender: Anwendungen individuell gestalten

Tailored applications

Get users actively involved
Who better to tell you what would make an application better and more useful than the people who use it every day? Intrexx allows your staff to help develop your applications, even if they aren’t programmers themselves. Drag & drop makes prototypes quick to produce, and a few clicks is all it takes to adjust and optimize processes.

Adapt your applications to suit you
Low-code gives you the freedom to design your applications just the way you need them. You can fine-tune any aspect of the code to create complex, customized applications that meet your requirements – and there are no limits to your imagination. Find out more about creating applications with Intrexx.

New features are easy to add
If you’ve had a new idea, or if your workflows are changing, that’s not a problem – Intrexx develops with you! Once you’ve created an application with Intrexx, it’s easy to adapt it to new conditions. That’s exactly what Intrexx is for: if you come up with new features and functionality to make your business even better, it’s the quick way to make these ideas a reality.

Success stories for Citizen Development

How citizen developers have made their businesses better with Intrexx

Otto Martin

A quick, all-round digital solution

Mechanical engineering company Otto Martin had a long wish list when it came to digitalization, and low-code helped them tick all of it off. Four of their staff became citizen developers, and it wasn’t long before various applications they developed turned the company into a digital powerhouse. The accelerated workflows now save Otto Martin 1,700 work hours every year.

City of Bonn

Health authorities Low-code to the rescue in their hour of need

When the first wave of Covid infections struck in March 2020, health officials were under a huge amount of pressure. Low-code with Intrexx reduced the workload for the health department in Bonn: In just four weeks it helped them create an application for recording and processing cases of Covid infections.

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