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Intrexx Industrial

The first step towards a smart factory

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There's more to Industry 4.0 than just connecting individual processes, it's about creating a completely networked factory - the smart factory.

Here, man, machine and products are connected to one another to create multifaceted synergies. With Intrexx Industrial, you have the solution for your Industry 4.0 project at your fingertips. Regardless of whether you want to make a smart factory a reality or start with smaller use cases.

Intrexx Industrial comes with ready-to-go applications for standard cases such as an automated logbook or OEE analysis. Thanks to its flexibility, it also enables you to implement any individual requirements quickly and easily. This allows suppliers and customers to be incorporated and means they can access the same data pool.

One central data hub for all your information

One central data hub for all your information
  • Automatic logbook
  • Deliberate notifications about packaging regulations, data sheets etc. at the relevant work stations
  • Key figures for quality and throughput (OEE)
  • Andon boards on the shop floor
  • Mobile access to all relevant information

  • Digital bulletin board
  • Vivid knowledge exchange
  • Trainings for data protection and work safety
  • Information is provided centrally
  • Data is linked together

Partners, customers and suppliers
  • Tracking and tracing (incorporate customers in the production process)
  • Availability display
  • Display the current status of consumable materials (e.g. fill level of gas tanks)
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Order shops
  • Central location for data sheets

"After introducing the system, we were already able to increase quality by 13% in 2017. Due to the automated creation of machine logbooks we are able to produce 15 minutes longer per shift."

Feinwerktechnik hago GmbH, Patrick Kuner
MQTT Hintergrund

Intrexx Industrial: The applications

Live transmission: Minimize downtimes

The dashboard provides a clear snapshot of all key figures and measurements from the production. This allows the factory´s effectiveness to be monitored at all times and from any location.

Machine logbook: Keep track of everything

All machine data is recorded in logs. Information can be added to error messages via the comment function. Machine stoppages are remedied quickly. Long-term analyses can be created based on the logs.

Andon board: Everything at a glance

The current production status is visualized via the Andon board. The most important figures are displayed on the monitor with the aid of tiles.

OEE figures: Optimal machine workload

The OEE index represents the “overall equipment effectiveness“ of the production as a percentage. The OEE analysis helps you optimize this and this ensure that your production stays at its best.

Simple data integration with MQTT

Data exchange in all directions

How does Intrexx Industrial access my data?
The Intrexx Industrial platform is device-independent and supports MQTT as a communications standard. This is the most light-weight communication protocol. It can be implemented quickly, is extremely compatible und can be deployed securely across firewalls.

Optimal integration into the office world
The data from the production can be integrated back into the office world. This is achieved using connectors (e.g. for SAP, SharePoint, Lotus Notes, Excel, Exchange Server, web services, mail server, document management systems and all current databases. The ability to integrate and interoperability are a central part of Intrexx Industrial.

The IoT stack from Microsoft Azure can be integrated via MQTT with ease.
Simple data integration with MQTT

Benefits in a nutshell

Drehscheibe Act quickly: One central data hub for all your information
Zugriff von überall Access data from the production from anywhere and at any time 
Kundenzufriedenheit Customer self-service increases customer satisfaction
Ausfallzeiten Downtime is kept to a minimum

Intrexx Industrial booklet

Intrexx Industrial Booklet - open
There’s more to Industry 4.0 than just connecting individual processes, it’s about creating a completely networked factory – the smart factory. Here, man, machine and products are connected to one another to create multifaceted synergies. 

In this booklet, you will discover what is included in Intrexx Industrial and how digital information boards keep everyone up-to-date, even on the shop floor.

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Intrexx Uncovered - Industry 4.0

Uncover digital Industry 4.0 cases

Intrexx Uncovered Industrie 4.0 - aufgeklappt
Exciting and smart cases from the current world of digitalization are waiting to be discovered. Successful companies tell “uncovered” about their Industry 4.0 solutions that were implemented successfully with Intrexx Industrial.

Alongside detailed analyses, specialists provide an insight into the fascinating work with modern technologies to digitalize companies with Intrexx.

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You can test Intrexx Industrial without restrictions for 30 days with no need of a licence key.

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