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Intrexx – Your low-code development software

Digital transformation has already affected all industries. But valuable potential is still lost every day because a lot of time and energy is wasted
on tedious processes.

Low-code development provides the decisive way to create business processes in a highly professional manner, on a completely individual basis and at a significantly lower cost. No matter which industry and which company, with the low-code development software Intrexx, you can create individual extranets, intranets, or Industry 4.0 portals - however you like. Speed is the ace up your sleeve here. Because only those who adapt quickly and flexibly to new requirements will be able to take a decisive stance on the market in the future. 

Benefit from Intrexx and get started now with your individual low-code development project.

Intrexx product description
The contents at a glance

  • Digital transformation - Implemented efficiently
  • Low-code - Individual and simple
  • Cloud or on-premises - It's your choice
  • Intrexx - The all-rounder for your digitalization
  • Modules: Applications, Processes, Users, Design, Integration, Tools
  • Connectors for Intrexx

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