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Intrexx Share

Intrexx Share – The collaboration application for your Intrexx portal

With the Intrexx application, Intrexx Share, you can connect all of your employees. Use the communication platform to exchange knowledge and files. Teamwork is made digital, mobile, simpler and faster. Chats and virtual project rooms make meeting marathons, email tennis and lost knowledge a thing of the past. 

It networks people and machines, enables collaborative workflows and aggregates all relevant information on a single platform. Employees receive status updates and news, not just from their colleagues but also from the software systems (CRM, ERP, BI, etc.) implemented by the company. Intrexx Share provides a significantly greater business benefit than other off-the-rack social intranet solutions.
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The contents at a glance

  • Share – Tools for collaboration
  • Module: News, Groups, Events, Profiles, Chat, Filebox, Photos, Projects, Help me, Polls, Advertisements
  • Intrexx Share connections, Intrexx Share administration
  • Intrexx and Intrexx Share - The ideal combination
  • Applications - Company-specific and fast
  • Data integration - Everything in one place and at a glance
  • Integrated process management - Even across company boundaries

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