Intrexx Share 3.2.1

Everything at a glance, the user in focus

Digital collaboration has never been more important. Intrexx Share 3.2.1 is the hub for information, data and documents in your company. The new version makes it even easier for your team to work together on projects: With a clear, streamlined structure, individual layout options and numerous other new features, Intrexx Share 3.2.1 takes social collaboration to a new level.

The new features at a glance

Integration module in groups

In the future, new or existing events, polls, projects, file folders and photo albums can be created and presented in Share groups. This makes teamwork even easier because all important information from other modules is brought together in one place.

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A feature that will save you a lot of time and effort: most apps in Intrexx Share now allow you to synchronize the members of the object with a Share group or an Intrexx user group. Synchronization is automatically activated when one of the two groups is selected in the multiple selection element in Share.

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New design and more freedom

Intrexx Share 3.2.1 has been completely redesigned. The new version is tidier, simpler and more structured. It’ s now even easier for users to navigate through Share and find relevant content. In addition, you now have the ability to tailor Share’s design according to your needs.

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Icon - Reduzierung Portlets

Reduced portlets and a new user concept

Less is more! In Intrexx Share 3.2.1, we have significantly reduced the number of portlets. This improves the user experience because users only see the information they really need. But don’t worry! The information from the portlets is not lost but can be easily accessed via a new user concept.
Icon - Neuer Grid Aufbau

New grid layout

Consistency for more clarity: With Share 3.2.1, the grid has changed across all modules. The navigation is now always positioned on the left by default and the grid has two columns. 

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Thanks to social collaboration with Intrexx Share, you can...

  • make communication faster and more direct
  • simplify teamwork
  • accelerate projects
  • increase productivity
  • increase employee satisfaction
  • reduce errors and long decision-making processes
  • reduce unproductive meetings and emails
A tab appears within the group for each element added. Users can easily switch between tabs without leaving the group.
You can synchronize these apps: Groups, Events, Projects, Photo albums, Polls, Help Me and Filebox. When changes are made in the synchronized Intrexx or Intrexx Share groups, the changes are transferred to the corresponding object in the Intrexx Share app. Timer-controlled processes run every 8 hours for synchronization. The interval can be adjusted in the processes, but the change may be lost during an update.
For example, you can now customize the design of the tiles or the online status, which was not possible before. New style classes in the layout make it easy to make changes to classes that affect everything in Intrexx Share.
Except for the News module, that will still have three columns.
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