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Intrexx technical information

New releases, updates and system requirements

Technische Details zu Intrexx

Intrexx releases

Discover more about the features of each Intrexx version

Intrexx system requirements

The requirements for client computers, servers and further infrastructure


Intrexx release cycles

From September 2018 until 2022

The current version is for sale in this phase and is regularly supplied with updates. Each half-year release is an upgrade from the previous release.

At this stage, the version will only be provided with necessary online and security updates and will no longer be for sale. We recommend an upgrade to the current release version at the latest.
Extended Support:
In the event that an upgrade during the support phase was not possible, we offer a paid support beyond the regular support phase.

Release 19.03 EN

Intrexx resources

Are you looking for more information and support for the first steps? What is the best place to learn how to work with Intrexx and where can you get help when you need it?
Support Center Icon

Support Center

Support from Intrexx developers. Fee-based but always there for you with a guarantee to provide the best answers to your questions. This service is included in the Software Service Contract.
Community Forum

Community forum

In our community forum, talk to numerous Intrexx experts from all over the world 24/7. Furthermore, the forum is a source of useful tips for all areas of application with Intrexx.
Online Hilfe Icon

Online Help

Our Online Help provides short, simple and clear answers and guides for common questions and issues. Additionally, you can find new Advanced Techniques posts to help you when developing with Intrexx.

Feel free to get in contact with us at any time and of course, the latest information is always available on our website.
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